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Elite Fight WFF - Information


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Elite Fight: WFF
Elite Players is happy to announce its first tournament Elite Fight Who Finishes First. Lets get to it without any further ado!
 Firstly, we would like to thank all of the teams that decided to participate in our tournament, it wouldn't be possible without their cooperation. 
The tournament consists of 10 clans. They are going to be spread into two different groups, both containing 5 clans:
Group A:  eP, xN, INT, TR, TfF
Group B: XpR, FoXX, Xz, Zs, MfAS
All the clans that manage to finish in the top-4 of their group after the first stage of the tournament ends advance to the playoffs. 
1/4 Finals are going to be played between teams who finish their groups at following positions:
A1-B4 (W1)
A2-B3 (W2)
A3-B2 (W3)
A4-B1 (W4)
1/2 Finals will be played between the winners of 1/4 games marked as W1-W3 and W2-W4.
Clans who lose their 1/2 matches are going to play a game to determine which of them finishes third, while the winners move straight to the grand final where they clash for the title.




We decided to prepare a set of basic rules in order to avoid all kinds of controversial situations and to make sure that the tournament goes as smoothly as possible.


General Rules:

The tournament uses the well-known 3-2-1-1 scoring system.

Winning a game gives clan 3 points on the leaderboard, losing gets it no points and the draw means that both sides get 1 point each.

If a clan fails to attend any of their matches with at least 3 players then they may get disqualified.

Mods that affect gameplay are prohibited.

In case of insulting, swearing and provoking, participant will be muted and possibly eliminated without the possibility of replacing him.

If someone times out before the map starts, we redo the map.

If someone times out while the map is running (if he is alive), we play further.



WFF Rules:

Each clan is obligated to play each map with no more than 5 players. (Not respecting that rule may lead to the referee blowing up a random, alive member of the cheating clan.)

Players are awarded for reaching the furthest part of the map and doing it before others.

Skipping vehiclechange pickups is not allowed.

Skipping nitro/repair pickups is allowed.

Starting the nos late is allowed.

Doing backward parts forward is allowed.

Doing roof parts forward is allowed.

Skipping big parts of the map is not allowed. (If your clan is unsure about any of the cuts then please contact one of our organizers and we will figure it out.)

Any attempt of abusing FPS or ping in order to gain unfair advnatage may lead to the clan being disqualified.


Free Rounds:

Each clan is allowed to ask for up to 5 frees per match without the need of giving a reason to do so. After that number is reached, the referee may refuse to provide the clan with another free round if the other team doesn't agree to do so. Each free can last up to 5 minutes, unless there is a very good reason for it to be longer.

Asking for a free when the round just started is allowed, if you ask it after 5 seconds then the referee is able to decline your free request or the referee will ask the other clan if they agree to still make the round free.



We know that preparing a good maplist is the most important factor when it comes to making the tournament enjoyable to play, but we are also fully aware of the fact that many of us have limited time when it comes to preparing for MTA clan wars nowadays, so we decided to ask all the captains of participating clans about their opinion and came up with the following rules:




Each group is going to have its own maplist.

There will be a new maplist each tour.

Each maplist is going to consist of 10 maps, each map will be played twice during a match.

Each clan will be asked to provide our organizers with 2 maps at least 1 week before each tour.

As each clan skips one tour, they won't be picking maps for the tour it happens in.

The 2 remaining maps are going to be the same for both groups and they are going to stay the same in every tour. These maps are:

1. [DM] Kalkbrenner - Natural Blues

2. [DM] Tomas ft. Gerc ft. Gteatero ft. Facuuzz - Gradually II

Map picking restrictions:

If a map is picked once then it can't be picked again by the same clan until the group stage ends.

We decided to disallow picking OS maps, as we want to keep the two gamemodes separate for now.

Each clan can only pick 1 HDM map each tour.

A word of explanation here:

We are aware that such restrictions used to be problematic in the past, as many people argued about what's HDM and what isn't. To solve that problem we decided to follow a clear classification of maps that is both easy to access for everyone and not made by us, so it can't be biased in any way. The classification we are talking about can be checked on the Lumiverse server. OS maps are put in their own category there and DM maps are spred into 4 levels based on their difficulty, ranging from green to purple. We decided to count Green, Orange and Red maps from the Lv's server as regular DM picks, while the Purple ones will be considered as HDM. We find their classification to be very accurate and we would like to thank them for allowing us to use it. If any of the captains feels unsure about the difficulty level of the map they plan to pick or wonder whether some map is considered OS or not, they are free to join mtasa:// and check it right there in the training room.


Even though we are going to use the mentioned classification as our baseline to make it easier and quicker to pick maps, we are still going to approach each case individually, as we want to make sure that the maplist stays enjoyable for everyone. If we decide that something about your clan's picks is wrong, then we are going to contact your captain and try to solve it in a peaceful way.



Every match will be played on the same server, you can join the server using this IP: mtasa:// Once you join the server you have to choose the Event Room. You can join your team with the command /join (clantag)

The server contains a training room aswell, so each participant is free to join it in order to train, check the version of the map and to download them before their match begins. Connect to: mtasa://, join the training room and use /load (mapname) in order to do so.



Each clan will be asked to provide a list of up to 20 of their members who are going to participate in the tournament. Each captain is obligated to provide nicknames and serials of all the clan members they would like to participate. First roster lock happens before the group stage begins. We are going to allow to make changes to it once the group stage ends, so clans are able to update their rosters before the playoffs begin. If any of the clans accepts new members after the rosters lock, the new members won't be able to play until the roster gets updated. People who are listed in the roster and leave their clan are still able to play as long as the roster doesn't get updated and the clan itself is fine with it. If any of the clans tries to bypass this limitation it may end up in them being disqualified from the tournament.





NOTE: If any of the given dates wouldn't fit your clan, then we are willing to move your game as long as you come to an agreement with your opponent and provide our organizers with another date which both sides agree to play on.


Tour Date Time Match Organizer Score MVP
1 31.07.2021, Saturday 18:00 FoXX - MfAS RYDER 85 - 55 FoXX Rexon
1 31.07.2021, Saturday 20:00 INT - TfF Kronger 97 - 43 INT DeRoX
1 01.08.2021, Sunday 20:00 xN - TR Aliomar 96 - 44 xN SeKtoR
1 08.08.2021, Sunday 18:30 XpR - Zs Aliomar 80 - 60 XpR Naval
2 14.08.2021, Saturday 20:00 xN - TfF Aliomar 91 - 49 xN Cykz
2 15.08.2021, Sunday 20:00 eP - TR Aliomar 90 - 50 eP Naxo
2 21.08.2021, Saturday 20:00 XpR - Xz Backflip 61 - 79 Xz Bravey
2 22.08.2021, Sunday 20:00 Zs - FoXX Aliomar 49 - 91 FoXX Geass
3 28.08.2021, Saturday 20:00 INT - TR Backflip 68 - 72 INT Bans
3 29.08.2021, Sunday 20:00 xN - eP Ryder 67 - 73 xN SeKtoR
3 25.09.2021, Saturday 20:00 XpR - Syn Burnout 100 - 40 XpR Ronaldo
3 05.09.2021, Sunday 20:00 Zs - Xz Aliomar 41-99 Xz Bravey
4 11.09.2021, Saturday 20:00 xN - INT Aliomar 79-61 INT bans.
4 12.09.2021, Sunday 20:00 eP - TfF Aliomar 116-24 eP JARI
4 18.09.2021, Saturday 20:00 XpR - FoXX Aliomar 52-88 FoXX Geass
4 19.09.2021, Sunday 20:00 Xz - Syn Aliomar 93-47 Xz Ryder
5 25.09.2021, Saturday 20:00 eP - INT Pawni 91 - 49 eP Atomix
5 26.09.2021, Sunday 20:00 TR - TfF Kronger 101 - 39 TR Hozwks
5 02.10.2021, Saturday 20:00 Zs - Syn Backflip 71 - 69 Syn Kamen
5 03.10.2021, Sunday 20:00 FoXX - Xz Burnout 78 - 63 FoXX Rexon
Clans who lose their 1/2 matches are going to play a game to determine which of them finishes third, while the winners move straight to the grand final where they clash for the title.






Group A

Position Clan Wins Ties Losses Score Points
1 eP 4 0 0 370 - 190 (+180) 12
2 xN 3 0 1 333 - 227 (+106) 9
3 TR 2 0 2 267 - 293 (-26) 6
4 INT 1 0 3 275 - 285 (-10) 3
5 TfF 0 0 4 155 - 405 (-250) 0

Group B

Position Clan Wins Ties Losses Score Points
1 FoXX 4 0 0 342 - 219 (+123) 12
2 Xz 3 0 1 334 - 227 (+107) 9
3 XpR 2 0 2 293 - 267 (+26) 6
4 Zs 1 0 3 221 - 339 (-118) 3
5 Syn 0 0 4 211 - 349 (-138) 0


Please make sure you join our Discord Server where we will also be announcing your matches and allow easier communication.


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