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SBSTN's Join Request


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1. Nickname / Location / Personal info

My in-game nickname is //SBSTN and my real name is Sebastian. I am 18 years old guy from Germany.

2. Previous Clans

-fts- - Fuck The System - Member - Left

FtF - Fuck The Future - Member - Closed

#BHD! - Black Hawk Down - Member - Left

FFG. - Fast Fire Guys - Member - Closed

AMG| - Awesome Mapping & Gaming - Member - Left

xS| Xtreme Skillers - Member - Left

|-nTL-| Nothing To Lose - Member - Left

3. Your MTA career

Alright, i started playing MTA since 2015, My friend told me this game and i really liked it so i kept playing it. My early experience on MTA started on some smaller servers, playing DD and all sorts of gamemodes. I shortly found out about the OS gamemode which I absolutely loved back then. I started to play it a lot until I became a good player on it. Back then I only played on small communities and was never active in big communities like FFS, TG or any other popular server. That is also one of the reasons why not many people know me. My skills began to develop even more after I discovered DM in late 2015 and played on many different servers. In a short time, I was already considered a very good player between my friends so i decided to move on some bigger servers in 2015-2016. This is where my competitive side started to slowly grow. After a time i found -fts- Fuck The System and i really liked the community there so i decided to write a join request there and i got accepted, but after a time i got bored and i wanted to find an another clan so I went to find an other clan and I found Fuck The Future, it was a good clan with good members. So i wrote a join request and got accepted. I like really liked this team but sadly the team closed. So after a time i decided to play on Black Hawk Down's DM Server and I got some friends there and I really liked the atmosphere there, so i wrote my join request there and i got accepted there. It was really nice to play there because i got some friends and it was a really good team but the clan got a bit inactive so I left it. Then i decided to find a new clan so i went to some new Servers and i found FFG. Fast Fire Guys and one of my friends invited me to the team so i decided to join it, but there was problems in the clan and it got closed in 2016. So after a time I joined the Server Awesome Mapping & Gaming which was good clan but I left from it in end of 2016 because i was having problems with the leader. After a time i played a lot on Xtreme Skillers Server and i decided to write a join request there because i really liked the Server and the members there, but I left from it in 2017. On August 2017 I got accepted in Nothing To Lose. It was a strength clan with really nice members and atmosphere but i decided to leave and i just played of fun until 2018. In 2018 i decided to leave the game and i only played it several times until 2021. I guess that's all what happend with me.

4. Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?
Well, I'm looking for a team where I can find a lot of friends and skills and a great atmosphere, and I think this might be the right team for me.

5. Contact
Discord: NotOoKay#4372 or here in the forum.

6. Something to add(optional)

Thanks for reading my Join Request.

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