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GOKEN's Join Request


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1. Nickname / Location / Personal info

Hi my name is Henry, my nickname in game is Goken, I'm 20 years old, and I'm from Brazil

2. Previous Clans

UnG - UnitGames(closed)

LxG - (closed)

UF - United force (closed)

NxR - National xTreme Racing (left)

L7 - Legendary Seven (kicked for inactivity)


3. Your MTA career

My story summarized

I started on MTA between 2011 on freeroam servers, over time I discovered DM servers where I played FFS, DDC, 3R, UnG, FT and among other servers where I started my DM journey and to this day I continue to play this mode.

4. Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?

I was inactive for a while and now I'm back with focus, and the EP is a good choice, an active and stable clan where I can share my skills in clan wars and would be helping with whatever is needed.

5. Contact

discord: zhenry1

6. Something to add(optional)

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