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EF WFF 2 - Outcome


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EF WFF 2 - Outcome


Good evening! With a few hurdles along the way, we have managed to wrap up the second season of our clan-based tourney series.
Let's find out some of the more interesting stats from this Season.


Below is the current standing in the WFF Scene. Congrats !

🏆 Euphoria
🥈 Xtreme pro Racers
🥉 Elite Players

Congratulations to /E for winning the 2nd edition of EF WFF after an intense Final match. GGWP!
More info about the Leaderboard & the entire schedule for all matches can be seen in the Information topic here.

Personal points

Let's kick off the stats with the irreplaceable players from the tourney. Below is your Top 10!

Player Points
🥇 Krazy 143
🥈 CascaDe 121
🥉 WalK 103
4 Hozwks 82
5 Naval 77
6 Geass 76
7 Force 68
8 Facz 68
9 burnout 59
10 Rexon 50

To add to that, below is the Top 5 individual scores in a single match !

Player(s) Points
Geass 34
WalK 32
CascaDe 32
Krazy 31
CascaDe 26

Maps Won

Below is a list of players who have contributed to most map wins this season.

Won Player
27 Krazy
24 CascaDe
17 Geass
15 Naval
14 WalK

And the below table shows which clans have won the most maps!

Won Clan
72 E
59 XpR
52 8
40 L7
32 eP



The outstanding players of the tournament who went through thick and thin to help their teams to the best of their abilities. Major props to you!




Times Player(s)
3 CascaDe
2 Hozwks, Geass
1 WalK, Naval, XecN, Kirill, sheldon

As for Maps Won, we also looked at which clans had the most MVPs. Below is the list:

Times Clan(s)
4 XpR
3 L7
2 E, 8
1 eP

Best Duos & Trios

We'll be showing you the best duos & trios in this segment. Below are the best duos during one match!

Points Sum Players Match Stage
63 WalK (32) & Krazy (31) E vs f1 1/4 Finals
56 Geass (34) & Rexon (22) 8 vs E 1/2 Finals
51 CascaDe (32) & Naval (19) XpR vs E Tour 4
46 XecN (23) & Krazy (23) E vs eP Tour 3
44 Krazy (22) & WalK (22) E vs 7F Tour 1
43 Hozwks (23) & Deesk (20) f1 vs L7 Tour 3
43 sheldon (23) & burnout (20) L7 vs eP 1/4 Finals
42 CascaDe (24) & Facz (18) XpR vs FoXX Tour 1
42 Naval (26) & CascaDe (16) XpR vs eP Tour 2
42 TORENE (22) & Krazy (20) XpR vs E Final

..and here are the best trios from their respective matches!

Points Sum Players Match Stage
76 WalK, Krazy, twoblades E vs f1 1/4 Finals
69 CascaDe, Naval, Facz XpR vs E Tour 4
66 Geass, Rexon, niim0te 8 vs E 1/2 Finals
63 Krazy, WalK, XecN E vs 7F Tour 1
63 Hozwks, Deesk, LezeN f1 vs L7 Tour 3
61 XecN, Krazy, Force E vs eP Tour 3
60 CascaDe, Facz, Naval XpR vs FoXX Tour 1
59 Naval, CascaDe, Facz XpR vs eP Tour 2
56 sheldon, burnout, naxo L7 vs eP 1/4 Finals
54 WalK, Krazy, TORENE 8 vs E 1/2 Finals

Further commends

Aliomar (8)
Backflip (4)
Arch, TheDragoN (2)
RadheN, YiGi, RYDER (1)

BeyTo (2)
Lolita, Funs, Arrow, turbo, Marque (1)

Thank you all for taking part in any way!

Word from Organizer team

First of all we want to thank all the teams that decided to participate in our tournament once again. Sadly the tournament did not go as planned and sharing opinions was unfortunately not a solution. We as Organizers also learned from those events and we will take those lessons forward into our next tournaments. We are hoping everyone still had fun to play and we hope to see everyone back in our future tournaments.
To the teams who decided to stay with us, we want to thank you a lot and we hope that everyone still had fun to play the tournament again even after the problems we had.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed the tournament. Here's to getting back together and repeating the journey in S3! 🍻 👋


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eePrzechwytywanie.PNG.f52d5f4bde6c02b0751091056ff939e7.PNGaaPrzechwytywanie.PNG.475d07d756a2798d880c5f58a3895afb.PNGDifference between S1 and S2 shows how Elite Problems destroyed such a fantastic clan and event by treating people like a shit. Why not come back to a past when eP! was epic clan in skills and nice as community? I hope you change someday your way for this better one for everyone and for yourself :)

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Sharing opinions is fine but if you really want to share your opinion do it in PM instead of involving everyone in it. We as a team learned from the mistakes we made and also the decisions we made, we just hope that everyone also can see it like that we are also trying our best and at some points that we stand up for ourselves and also for the others inside our team, we will ofcourse try our best like we do in every tournament and also in our upcoming tournaments. In that case this topic will be locked for any other replies. If something is really bothering you, you can PM me 🙂

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