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shakira’s (shaker) Join Request


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1. Nickname / Location / Personal info: 

Hello, my name is Kacper. I live in Poland in small village and I would never like to live somewhere else. I was born in 08/04/2001 and I'm  22 years old. I love Japanese cars (JDM), and computer games where i spent a lot of time.

2. Previous Clans:

 EsR | Empire Street Racers | Closed | Member

✓ nFw | no Fucking way | Left / Closed | Member

  AMG | Amazing Mapping Gaming | Left | Member

  SHC | Small Hustlers Crew | Closed / Left | Member

 .s | Sanity | Closed | Leader

 *7V | Seventh Miracle | Kicked | Member

3. Your MTA career:

I've been playing MTA since 2009 in Race Servers with my cousin. Some day we  found DD/DM/FUN Polish server, this was the moment that have initiated my adventure with DM until today. I spent a lot of time on MTA. I've been in several clans less knowns and more famous. In 2017 I left from MTA and I came back in february this year.

4. Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?:

I want join to Elite Players, because in my opinion Its really good clan in MTA DM. People are friendly and really funny, above all very helpful. I have a some friends in this clan. I would like to express my experience with you, I also consider myself a kind, friendly and well-behaved person.I think I have enough skills and a lot of time to help in Clan Wars.

5. Contact: 

Discord: skshaker

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