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EF DM 2 - The Grand FInal


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Elite Fight: DM Season 2




Tour Date Match Time Referee Streamer Score MVP
Final Sunday, 21.05.2023 Xz - XpR 20:00 CEST JARI - 0 - 0 -

All matches will be played on our Event Server. All times are adjusted to German Time Zone (CEST).
Correct time can be checked here: https://time.is/CEST


Maps are available on Event server now.

1. Gteatero ft. Piry - Bloodline (XpR)
2. Banshee v27 - Coastal Tour (Xz)
3. Eyecatcher ft. Banshee ft. DUSK - Passenger Side (XpR)
4. Bc ft. NeeZ - Stay (Xz)
5. Frowzy v1 - King (XpR)
6. Nataam ft. Esp4wN ft. PCHZY - Urban Decay (Xz)
7. RoNNiE# v2 - Feel Divine (XpR)
8. Pizza v1 - Simple (Xz)
9. #beatZ! v2 - Precision (XpR)
10. Gteatero - The Fastest Toptime (Xz)
11. BreAkeR v5 - Level UP
12. Gus v10 - Escaping
13. Frankz v8 - Ashalas Fury


Please make sure you join our Discord Server where we will also be announcing your matches and allow easier communication.


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