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Aliomar's Join Request


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1. Nickname / Location / Personal info

My name/nickname is Aliomar, I am 23 years old and I live in Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela. I love to listen to songs in my spare time. Most of the times I am listening music such as hardstyle and electronic. My hobbies include playing games, rarely going out with my friends and spending time with my girlfriend. Oh and fuck pc's xd

2. Previous Clans

Unofficial clans:
PRG [February 2012 - October 2012] - Closed
TSW [December 2012 - May 2013] - Closed
Female Body Inspectors - FBi [2013] - Closed
Midnight Team - MT [2016 - 2018] - Left/Closed due to the clan being inactive

Official clans:
Latins Xtreme Gamers - LxG [2013 - 2014] - Closed
Xtreme Pro Racers - XpR [2014] - Kicked due to inactivity
What The Fuck - WTF [2015] - Closed
Drunk Drivers Club - DDC [March 2018 - July 2018] [January 2020 - June 2020] Left - Left before they kicked me for XD reasons
Death on Approach - DoA [October 2020 - November 2020] - Left because the clan wasn't the place i wanted to be at the time
Instinct To Kill - i2k [December 2020 - May 2021] - Closed
Men for All Seasons - MfAS [2021] - Left because of the way the clan started recruiting new members
High Octane [2021] - Left, clan was a bit inactive back then
Talca Racing - TR  [2021  - 2022] - Closed

3. Your MTA career

My MTA career started back in 2010-11 like most of the people in here in a freeroam server, going through the server list i saw DDC Blue server which i loved so much. On that server's gamemode called '' Race '' i met so much people which are not playing anymore. I made a lot of friends and funny memories that i still remember as good times. I joined several community clans on that server, such as PRG, TWS or TSW (clans which i do not remember at all). The first serious clan i ever joined was Latin's Xtreme Gamers. I spent 1 year or so in that clan, in there i learnt how to play dm properly, i played so many clan wars in there and got better day by day but i wanted to become a better player. That's why i decided to find a new path and new adventure/challenge. In 2013 I became a part of Xtreme Pro Racers. They were a perfectly managed team and I managed to become even more better perfoming my skills. Months passed and then i left MTA for a while to play some other games and I got kicked from XpR due to inactivity. I came back in the middle of 2015. I was trying to find some interesting servers and i saw that WTF clan was re-opened so i spent my time there and i tried my luck and got accepted. Sadly after a few months, the clan closed and then i started to play on my old community DDC once again, there i perfomed my WFF skills. I once again joined various community clans in there like FBi, MT so we decided to close due to we were so inactive back then. I've been playing for DDC in L7 tournament but to be honest, I didn't have much time for such tournaments because of my school and my life and thats why i could not show anything. After that i tried my luck in the glorious DDC clan. I spent 5 months in that clan. After DDC I joined DoA, was here for a month but for some reason the clan wasn't the place i wanted to be at that moment and i left. I moved to i2k a latin clan with some powerful members and i spent 4 months there. Unfortunately, after that time the clan closed. I joined MfAS by invitation but I left because I didn't like some of the new recruitment, clan started to recruit people randomly, after that it came out with the idea of openning a new clan this was High Octane i join then because i knew most of the people there but after some time the clan became inactive so i left, Talca Racing was really active so i joined then, i knew  a lot of people there sadly after 1 year the clan closed.

4. Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?

I admire and respect this clan a lot. I think that ep is a very stable and mature clan. ep members are very friendly and helpful. I have a few friends in ep, but I also want to find new ones there. I really like that in ep all members are working hard. Personally, I would like to try to complete the current ep Squad with my presence and I would gladly try to help the clan in future tournaments and clan wars. Members inside the clan are really nice people, trying to help as best as they can and I really like to support them as much as I can. I want to find new friends here and have fun chatting with all of them, players are awesome, friendly i want to keep and become part of this clan.

5. Contact



6. Something to add(optional)


That's all for now. It's maybe a long read, but I tried to make the jr as brief as possible so you'd understand it well. If you got any doubts regarding anything i said in the jr, ask any questions you want! i'll answering all of them.

Your Faithfully


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