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notas Join Request


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1. Nickname / Location / Personal info

Hi, my name is Benjamín, Nickname is notas  and I'm 22 years old also I'm living in Chile/Coquimbo

2. Previous Clans

XuG - Left

UpG - Closed

TRD - Left

Ew - (My team) - Closed

Cs - Closed

XrC - Closed

LxG - Left

FfW - Closed

x6 - Closed

i2K - Closed

TR - Left

NxR (2016-2020) (2021-2022) - Closed

sin - Closed


3. Your MTA career

I started playing around 2011-2012, I remember that I entered ffs and I did not understand anything, so I was championing maps without knowing it, in those years I had a computer that I was going less than 15 fps, but for me it was not an impediment to develop myself in this game that at that time was what fascinated me the most, so at that time I knew in depth what is DM, I started playing maps and I was liking it, however having so few fps for me it was impossible to play in a good way just say that I did not reach the jumps per fps, after several years (2015) I was able to get a computer in which I could play in a decent way, I have always liked DM CW, but the last time because of the little time I have due to the university, I have dedicated myself to play much more WFF, and is what I have developed better, although I am not the fastest I can always contribute my bit in every team in which I have been.



4. Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?

For me the most important thing that I have seen when I have played against a clan like ep is the perseverance that you possess and the calmness to be able to face things within the CW.

5. Contact

Discord: 'Inseecxz//B3NJ4!#4843

6. Something to add(optional)

Thank you for reading, I hope this writing is understandable, without anything else to add I say goodbye. 



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