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Essovius' Join Request


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Nickname / Location / Personal info

My Name is Demirhan, my IN-Game Nickname is Essovius.I'm 18 years old and I'm from Turkey.

Previous Clans

[RAGE] Rage Community CW Manager 

iW// Iron Will  Member

[Korn] Knights of Red Night Member (<3)

R# Raven's Gaming Member

xN# Nitrous Racing Member

Your MTA Career

MTA started in 2015. Actually, I started too late. Because there were a lot of games played at the time and I wanted to get tired of the other games and start. I started at the first FFS as an MTA server. Actually, I was an Oldschool player. The first team I started playing at the oldschool arena was Rage community. But he chose to close it because the leading clan was inactive and he himself was inactive. After all that happened, I developed myself a little more in oldschool and was accepted as a test member of the OS Squad for the Iron Will team. After that, the team's OS squad closed. I don't know why. After that, I stopped playing Oldschool.Because I wasn't enjoying the maps enough and I wanted to get experience in another arena. This is the beginning of everything. For me, the best clan of Old Time is the Knights of Red Night. This clan was re-opened, and after I sent a request for participation, I was accepted as a trial member. I met the best people in this clan and played DM clan wars with them. It was a very good experience for me and I had developed myself well. But all good things have an end. Due to the fact that some members of the team came out and the team was inactive, the clan was closed. After that, I was accepted as Raven's Gaming DM Squad. I've been here in the same environment as the people I love. But there were people on the team I couldn't agree with, and I decided to leave the clan. After all, I was accepted as a trial member of the Nitrous Racing team. I won't lie to you. I've had a great time in this clan. I've developed a lot of myself in the Hunter, and I can say that I've learned the DM Arena. But again, I left because of disagreements with the team.

Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?

The reason I think of this place as a good place for me is because I like the team from the past. I have a good relationship with the people on this team. As for DM, you have a very strong team. Who wouldn't want to be with this team? So I'd like to add strength to a strong squad.




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The reason why do I think that your community is the best team for me because luckily I could be there already and I could meet a lot of different people and I could have fun here, also I have some friends here. Elite Players has always been a strong team and recently keeps improving. I have also distinguished how friendly the team members are and that is what I am waiting for. The atmosphere is good and calm, and it looks like a place I could fit in. In the recent weeks, I could play with some of the members and I really enjoyed it and I'd like to meet more people from this clan.

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