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k1ss_me's Join Request


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1. Nickname / Location / Personal info:

My name is Artem, in the game it's k1ss_me, I am 23 years old and I am living in Russia.

2. Previous Clans:

~xRz~ - xTreme Racers zCool - member - 2 years
~[EPG]~ - European Pro Gamers - member - 1 year
|X5| - |Xtreme5| -  member - 1 year
.:DoA:. - Death On Approach - member - 1 year
7m - Seventh-miracle - member - 6 month
Uff. - Unstoppable Fighters Force - trial - 3 month
V:: - Vultaic - Co-assistant of OldSchool, Staff - 1 year
[FoXX] - Force Out Xtreme - member - 8 month
[MT] - Midnight Team - Head of OS squad, CW Manager - 1 year
Nsp' - New Style Potential - trial - 2 month
Zs' - Zephyros - OS Leader, CW Manager - 1 year
Xen} - Xenous! - Squad Moderator, OS Leader, CW Manager - 1 year
[q+e] - q+e community - 2021 - 2023 - member - currently

3. Your MTA career:

Started my career in MTA from 2010 on DDC,EPG,Neon-fan,gta.ru and Green servers. After this I played on dayz server for 3 years. Then I returned and started to play DM / OS on eP(Elite Players) and |FT| (Fellow Team) servers. After it was closed and I came to FFS in 2013. Played here for 3 years then joined the server I started to play in the beginning - EPG. I gained a lot of experience as administrator spending there a year after which was awarded the title of the best EPG player 2016 according to the leaders. I was kicked out of the clan and started playing on different servers: ER, TG, X5, gta.ru, SHC and etc. Then I went back to FFS, playing again here for some while, I got a new experience in WFF and WFF OS. Then opened the server Vultaic and there I spent a year in the moderators then it closed and I went back to FFS and continued to play there. From 2019 to 2020 was in the army. After that, I joined the Nsp clan in order to return my skill after a year of absence, but I didn't stay there for long because of the toxic community. After that, I was called the leader of the OS Squad the Zs / Zephyros clan. But the leaders had a conflict after which Zs closed and Xen / Xenous opened, where I was also called the leader of the OS squad , with this composition we played a lot of OS clanwars and tournament from eP EF OS, after which there was no one left from the OS and I decided to leave the clan for my own further development. Now I train a lot at the DM arena and I have very good results.

4. Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?:

I am one of the old representatives of OS players who has a lot of experience in this area and I am sure that eP will still teach me a lot and I will be able to give myself to this clan completely. I never miss Clan Wars and will always be able to help the clan in this. I have a lot of experience in clan wars on OS ,  I also participated in Race and DM clan wars. also, after 10 years of playing on the OS, I decided to start something new and train very hard at the DM Modern arena and I'm starting to get very good results.

5. Contact:



Thank you for reading,
Regards k1ss_me!

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