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rolex's Join Request


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1. Nickname / Location / Personal info
- rolex / Bosnia & Herzegovina / 21 y.o. , student at Mostar (Software Engineer)

2. Previous Clans
- sK, xM, MvP, B2S (shooter clans 2013-2018)
- 3R (2019-2022)

3. Your MTA career
- started playing MTA in late 2013 after playing SA:MP RP since 2012. First server that I got on was Twisted Gamers where I started getting into shooter and been playing active 2013-2016 after which I started to play on/off. After TG died, I went away from MTA for aprox. a year. I came back in 2019 and after seeing shooter has stepped down from what I'm used to, I started playing OS for first time on Vultaic. Shortly after Vultaic died aswell, so I continued my OS adventures on 3R server, aswell as joining it that year. Later in 2020 I got promoted to Leader of 3R OS Squad. After casually playing OS on 3R, at start of 2021 I found out about clanwars happening between clans and concept called WFF, I liked the concept so alongside other members we started WFF training OS/DM maps. We played our first WFF CW in may of 2021 and since then I have been active in WFF cws/events/tournaments.

4. Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?
- active clan with active events, it will be step up in WFF difficulty than one I'm used to in 3R and I'm all in for it. Through my WFF adventures met many eP members that I feel close to and wanna play with, I'm chill and reliable person so you can always count on me.

5. Contact
- discord (BriLee#4820)

6. Something to add(optional)
- no 🙃

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