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Mokka's Join Request


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Nickname / Location / Personal Info
My name is Oğuz, I'm 24 years old and I live in Kocaeli/Turkey.

Previous Clans
|DST| - Dangerous Skillers Team (2013-2014)
7m - Seventh Miracle (2017-2018)
/TfF\ - The Favoured Few (2018)
'TC| - The Crew (2018-2019)
eP! - Elite Players (2019-2020)
[FOTL] - Firestarters of the Land (2020)
Syn. - Synergy (2020-2022)

Your MTA Career
I've been playing this game since 2011, first i started to play in Turkish servers. At that time the MTA version was like 1.0.5 and i didn't know there were other versions, like 5-6 months i played there. After that time my friends told me there's 1.3 version and there's a server and they have 300 players average, then we started to play in FFS. Some players from other clans were playing here and i started to find their servers (TfF, EPG, ER). During this time I've learn mechanics and i was trying to better in DM gamemode. When I learned like everything about this gamemode (Clanwars, hunter, etc.) I stopped to playing many times because my friends stopped to playing with me, I was alone and I'm bored. I guess in 2013 i met TenTimes and he had clan (|DST|). I wanted to join his clan and i got accepted like in 2 months. But, i was unlucky because day by day active members didn't come to play and DST closed. Then I continued to play without the clan for a long time and i was active mostly on TfF's server, after 2015-2016 on ER and when ER closed i started to play mostly on FFS. A long time improved myself to play in clanwars. Towards the end of 2017, I started looking for a clan again and like 1 or 2 months after Mystic invited me to Seventh Miracle (7M). I played 4-5 clanwars here and we was a strong team at that time. I left from 7m for no reason but my friends started to join TfF and i wanted to be with them and i've joined TfF. (I know that's bad). Lastly, i played 2 CWs here and the atmosphere was great but day by day my friends were inactive and i left from TfF too. I was inactive like 9 months early 2019, 2 weeks before my inactivity i had join request for TC and they accepted me when i have no PC. I stayed there my whole inactive time. I came back in August and i bought new pc, i've played 2 L7 match here but their DM members very inactive and we lost against all teams. I wanted to play in DM CWs with a active clan, that's why i left from there. And 2020, i was in eP!. Well, that was good thing because they are in L7 tournaments and i wanted to show myself. It was a short experience because i stayed there 2 months, honestly first time i left from a clan because of a discussion. We were good till that but there was a lot of disagreement, then i left. After leaving eP i decided to join FOTL, but left again after a few months because i wanted to try and challenge myself with better players so I decided to join Syn. I have been in syn for 1 year and 6 months, being inactive for 6 months during my stay because I've been in army. After i came back from army i decided to leave Syn because i had no motivation left for the game anymore.

Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?
Because Elite Players is one of the biggest/best clans currently and I have a few friends in here who i want to be in a clan with again. You have mature and respected members here aswell. I would also like to get back into Clanwars again and I think Elite Players is the best place to do so.

Oğuz | INTRUD3R#9296

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