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ToXa's Join Request


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Nickname / Location / Personal info

Hello everyone. My name is David and I’m 18 years old guy from Hungary. My in-game nick is ToXa. I have some hobbies in real life, such as going to GYM, fishing, or playing games on pc. Also im intrested in cars, im currently doing my driving license now.

 Previous Clans

Small Hustlers Crew SHC// (2020- Left)

Dx – Deathwish (2021- Left)

R# - (2018 Closed)

#IES| (2017 Closed)

Sc* (2016 closed)

3R// -3lite Racers DM squad (2017 - Left

~eN^ (2015- Left) 

Your MTA career

My MTA career started in 2013, after my cousin invited to this game. My journey started in MIKI server. In first months I was mainly OS and DD player, but I’ve also met the DM gamemode, but I wasn’t really good at it in that time. Later when time went by, I learnt the game’s physics and I switched to DM gamemode. Mainly, I was playing on MIKI server and rarely on TFF untill 2017, with some breaks. I’ve joined many clan in that server, won some tournaments, finished the hardest maps on that server,  ,won events and got experencie on cws. After in 2018, I started to try to find other communities in racing scene, I have joined some bigger communities and smaller ones too. In 2019, We made a clan with my friends called #iN (It’s called now Dx) but due to important things of my reallife, I left the clan and game too  for almost a year. In 2020 some people contacted me that MIKI server is revived, and I got back to the game. After some months I searched for other communities and I found FoXX, SHC//. Later in end of 2020 I got invited from my friends to Dx to help them leading clan. The clan had very bad reputation in that time when I joined, but later thanks to the much effort put into the clan It’s little bit got changed. I also managed many cws for them. Mainly Im focusing now on WFF and HDM gamemodes.

Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?

I think that eP could be the best option for me, since It has very nice community and I think It’s one of the strongest clans  now in MTA community. I think I could help eP in HDM or WFF Clanwars, I consider myself as a great HDM player, and I think I’m good in WFF too. I think when I play clanwars or tournaments, I can be really succesfull at it because I always focus on that to be good as I can, so I could invest it in this clan.  I think this clan has future, and I could fit in this clan for a long time.


Discord: ToXa#7044

Skype: mesterdavid01

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