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Aury's Join Request


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1. Nickname / Location / Personal info

Hi, my name is Mert but my nickname is Aury and I'm living in Istanbul in Turkey, by the way I'm 24 years old.

2. Previous Clans

TFF-The Favoured Few 

MgC-Magical Crew Deathmatch

TE-Team  Evolution

TG-Twisted Gamers

3. Your MTA career

I'm playing mta since 2011, in first years I found MgC DM/DD server and I started to play there for a year. They were looking for a official clan member then  I joined to MgC for DM room, after a year I left MgC and started to looking for new servers then I saw TG (Twisted Gamers) and started to play there. That server was good actually I found so many friends there , I was playing OS at this server but it was boring so I decided to play DM. I met with Sudoku maybe you know him or not, he was a member of TE (Team Evolution) , we became friends and I joined to TE then I applied for TG , it was very suprising for me to accepted to TG ,but after that the server was closed it was 2016-2017 or something like that. Anyway at the end of the following years I started to play on FFS , I met with hard deathmatch on this server but I didn't like it because it was hard for me , so I decided to train WFF maps and I became a WFF player but also I wanted to improve myself on HDM yet I began to train HDM too. In the end, I'm mostly a WFF player who tries to be faster day by day, but also I'm getting better at playing HDM maps.

I'm still playing on FFS server but also on TFF server.

4. Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?

I think Elite Players is the best place for me because there are so many good peoples and proffesional players. And I have friends there, so it could be easy for me to warm up at team. Also I'm thinking that being in that team can improve my skills on both WFF and HDM.

I could be useful to help you at WFF and HDM clanwars.

5. Contact

Discord : Aury#6779

Instagram : Mezalclone

6. Something to add(optional)

Thank you for reading my Join Request. 

Best Regards.

Love you guys.


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56 minutes ago, Driver said:

bro i've been playing in tg since 2012 until they closed the server and i never heard ur name before,there is no need to lie to get accepted you know. Anyway gl.

You could never heard my name as Aury , my nickname was N!so or N!sonaL at TG sorry for not mentioning it and it didn't last so long. Thanks.

Edited by Aury
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