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Hello there!

The past few months have been very challenging, however that comes to our advantage as we get to expand our comfort zone and strive for perfection. After all, we are far from achieving our full potential and we are constantly evolving with the help of the community. Our primary goal is to keep you guys engaged and offer unique & competitive atmosphere that is not only fair, but also impartial. In today's news we will discuss lots of changes that are going to happen and some that are under ongoing process. Lets get into it, shall we?


Forum Development

Looks fancy, doesn't it? After a lot of time and development, @SheldoN and @Adidas managed to deliver a new theme to our forum. If you do not like the current design, you can always toggle dark mode in the top right corner!  Nope, that's not the end of it... With the assistance of @Flashwe managed to introduce a fully automated system to our Events/Training server which allows us to post the results of an event right after it's finished, saving lots of time and frustration while editing it manually.

Elite Fight 

Time passed by so quick, as if yesterday was the launch of EF OS. Nonetheless, all clans managed to perform to their full potential, although Euphoria showed what true dedication is. Below is a table of the Top 3 individual clans and their performance in the tournament.

# Clan Wins Losses Score Points
🏆 Euphoria 7 1 722 - 398 (+324) 21
🥈 Xtreme pro Racers 7 1 673 - 448 (+225) 21
🥉 High Octane 6 2 684 - 436 (+248) 18

As EF OS came to an end, we've heard the community's voices asking for a HDM tournament. Naturally we had to launch the tournament and we decided to do it during the latter stages of EF OS. The tournament functions similarly to the rest of our EF formats and more info about the tournament can be found here.

Managing events is not easy, especially when we did not have a system to automate our threads and information. This is where @Backflip managed to save us and pretty much manage and organize everything by himself and provide EF OS to the community! He has truly spent lots of hours, if not days, managing everything and definitely deserves a lot of appreciation. In addition to that, let's not forget our beloved members@BurNouT, @Adidas, @JARI and @Flavio for assisting him in other event's management and what not else.


Roster Changes

Truth be told, we did not expect such a large demand. The number of candidates this time was enormous and the choice was definitely tough as each individual had their own strengths and weaknesses. And everyone's favourite part, after giving it a lot of thought and debates over time, the newly introduced members of our team are...


Thank you for choosing us as your home, it is now your turn to prove yourselves and show everyone what you are capable of. To those that did not make it, we are very sorry as  Join Requests are now CLOSED!

In addition to that, I would like to congratulate @Adidas - our newest Innovator! He is truly a hard-working individual as you can see, he managed to deliver a new theme with the assistance of SheldoN in a very short period of time which shows their commitment and willingness to contribute which we truly appreciate. I am sure this is not the end as both of these members can deliver lots of upcoming changes to keep the community happy as always.

Sadly, we have to say our goodbye's with @Ninja as he has been kicked due to inactivity and lack of communication with the team. Feel free to message us if you wish to return to the game.

Before we end today's news, I would like to appreciate many of our members for proving their loyalty by staying with us for quite a long time and sharing the same memories as everybody else. These members have been awarded with our newest role - Honorary Member,  truly defines what they really are doesn't it?






To view the full list of honorary members click here. 

We truly value everybody's contributions towards the community, although we believe that this role is only suitable to members within the clan, although others do deserve it as well even if we have separated our ways or they have chosen to put an end to their MTA:SA career. It is just a game after all and real life comes as a priority above everything you do as a hobby. That'll be the end of today's news, we are looking forward to be seeing you soon, stay tuned!

Yours faithfully,
Elite Players.



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Damn,this new theme looks sick af ngl,well done bros. I wanted to congratulate the organizers of the EF tournament,they really put a lot of effort on it to create the best experience possible for everyone,so yea shotout to them and the teams that partecipated. Gz for the new trials as well,i hope you guys are excited as we are to see you in our family, and i wanna say thanks to my teammates for making me an honorary member. Im proud of you guys ❤️

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