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yani's Join Request


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1. Nickname / Location / Personal info

Yani, 17, United Kingdom (formally from Bulgaria)

2. Previous Clans

⦁ Small Hustlers Crew SHC//
⦁ Xtreme pro Racers |-XpR-|
⦁ The Favoured Few /TfF\
⦁ Seventh Miracle 7m
⦁ Nitrous Racing xN#
⦁ For Fuck Sake -ffs-
⦁ Synergy Syn.

3. Your MTA career

I have played MTA SA for 10 years. I have played almost every gamemode out there, like literally. Been in too many clans - too many people. One thing I am grateful for is that I made lots of people that I can actually call friends, I literally give no toxicity towards this came and if you see me insult around I am probably fooling around with my mates. A thing I probably regret is jumping clans as if it's a new newspapers edition - every sunday. I guess people hate me for that but we all grow and thinking of it now people gave me too many opportunities I wasted. Too many things I would love to go back at and fix but life goes on. I decided to RETIRE in September I think it was, just to focus on College and enjoy myself. I must be honest here, I loved it. Literally gave zero interest towards MTA as I was making myself sound busy and just share interest with other things I love. However, as I got more time around New Year's Eve I found myself here again.

4. Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?
I don't personally look for a clan where people are skilled but rather for who they are, do I share same interests with them and can I be open with them. I think that I have made friends with lots of you since I have been teammates with the majority of you in 7m. Since I have just came back I am more than motivated to play, and would love to play some DM clanwars if possible. I think that I can be a great addition to your squad with the proper training. Something I have to mention, I know we didn't share much time in 7m as I remember, I left quite soon and I am not even sure of the proper reason why, but I hope you forgive me for it. Also, I am studying Computer Science and I had some time where I was practicing Lua for a while so I can be somewhat in handy.

5. Contact

Telegram: @luxyre
Skype: @justnissan
Discord: @yani#0545


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