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Roster Shuffle


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Hello there! 

We are very glad to have you on our forum once again. It may seem a bit late, but we would like to begin with wishing you a better year than 2020 was. We are still only a month into 2021, so there is still a lot of time for things to get better, especially under current circumstances. We hope that they actually will for all of you.
Moving forward to stuff connected with the game itself, the main topic of today's thread is our roster, as it has seen many changes to it recently. Before we begin that segment, there is actually one more thing to mention though, a tournament. 


Fast Five WFF 

We have been writing about this tournament in the past, but now, when it is officially over, we decided to mention it for one last time. It is obvious that our squad aimed to win it, as it always does, but we were not able to fulfill our target this time around. We had to face Xtreme Pro Racers in our semi-final match, which did not go as planned. We were as close as it gets in both legs of it, but our squad just couldnt close none of them out, missing the final by a couple of points. We were able to finish the tournament as 3rd after a flawless victory against Force Out Xtreme though. It still leaves us unsatisfied, but apart from congratulating our opponents, there is nothing more we can do about it at this point. We look forward to some other eP - XpR finals to redeem ourselves, but only time can tell if it is going to happen. 


Leavings, promotions & trials 

Let's finally move to the main subject of this thread, beginning with the members we have lost recently. 

People do not leave our clan too often, but sometimes members decide to move on for different reasons. This time around it happened to be Viskuz and Cykz. We are obviously not happy about that and we hope that we can still reunite with both of them in the future, even though our Brazilian mate decided to retire. Nonetheless, we wish them luck with their current plans and we look forward to their comeback. 


They are not the only people who are no longer part of eP though, as our leadership decided to remove TK, Mike and Lethowall for their lack of activity. We find it natural that many new responsibilities hit us as we age and there happens to be less and less time to enjoy games, so we do not blame them for that and are more than willing to add them back to our clan once they decide to become active again. 


Moving to more positive sides of our roster shuffle, let's begin with promotions.

Leadership decided to make sYKu and LonneX our new DM managers, together with BurNouT who now joins DRiVeR as a WFF manager. The reasoning behind having more than one manager for both gamemodes is quite simple. We believe that having multiple people who look at our squads and decide potential playerlists is more effective, as they are able to share their observations about the activity of each player, which leads to a fair distribution of maps between our clan war players. We are going to test that solution in our upcoming matches, hoping that it is going to affect our performances in a positive way. 

Promotions are not over yet though. We would like to congratulate Quashy, Deesk and DLF for passing their trial period and becoming full members of eP. We hope that it is going to satisfy them so they can keep contributing to the clan and at the same time stay happy inside of it. Keep it up guys. 


It is time for the last, perhaps the most awaited, part of the news, trials. Accepting new people is always important for the clan, as it brings a lot of freshness to it and helps to keep it active. Adding to the importance, we have just lost quite a few members as mentioned before, so we decided that it is a good time to try to replace them with some new faces. We believe that they are going to be able to take that responsibility and represent our clan in a good way. Please welcome: 


We are not sure what the future might bring, but we hope that our new additions are going to make any potential obstacle less challenging. Enjoy your stay. 



We have nothing more to add today, but we would like to remind you to stay safe in those uncertain times. Take care. 


Yours faithfully,

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