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Viciou's Join Request


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 Nickname / Location / Personal info
My nickname is vicious. I'm From Chile and my real name is Matias, i have 23 years. I'm university student

Previous Clans

FX - Member

HG - Member

vZ - DM CW Manager

Your MTA career

I started playing in 2008 on SA-MP on a server called "New Dawn" that was only dedicated to playing OS until 2009-2010 when the server closed, I got to know MTA and started playing on TG's "Training Server". I didn't know there eother servers so I just spent my time practicing maps until I go to know TG's DM server. Then I was inactive, since I played every few months but not frequently until 2013, where i returned to DM but playing from the FFS server already knowing a little more about the game. Over time, year passed and I only belonged to secondary clans beloging to FFS, over the years I got to know new servers such as FOXX, and I played on some servers such as ER, HG, and Boosted (B), currently know as vZ (Veterans Zone). I currently play on TR, FFS, EP, 3R and Lumiverse.

Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?

I think Elite Players are one of the best clans, if not the best. In addition, I am very active player, wanting to continue progressing and contributing to cw, I have some desing knowledge to be able to help you and a very good will to help. You are very large family and I would like to be part of all of you to continue growing with and for you.


DISCORD: Vicious#6969


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