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Asency's Join Request


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1. Nickname / Location / Personal info

fewasency / Argentina 

My name is Javier, i like the music and play some shooters games.

2. Previous Clans

Nitrous Racing 

iron Will

nothing To Lose


Xtreme Pro Racers

3. Your MTA career

I will make a brief summary about my story on mta since it is too much to write

Well im gonna start. My story in Mta started back in 2010 in a freeroam server called DRK where I played in such server until the end of 2011 where I then out of boredom started playing zombies/tactics all the way until mid 2013 where I started to look for new game modes where I found the race game mode and where I invested a lot of time to get better since I sucked at the beginning, ( I barely knew how to do a front flip xd).

After of that im started to join some clans  where i improved a lot my skills and knowed a lot great people. Thanks to I improved my skills, i joined to excelents clans where i had a great time in my stay, like xN, XpR, Xz, nTL.

4. Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?

Im still wanna play mta, and this clan thats very interesant in a lot aspects for me

I would like to join to DM squad, and if could help on wff squad would great for me

5. Contact


6. Something to add(optional)

My english is based on my mta career from 2010 to now (little of study too), so if you dont understand some text from me, sorry! 

- This my first writing a joinrequest without help of google translate! maybe a little but only with some words!

Thanks for reading, cya :d


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