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1. Nickname/Location/Personal info: Throne/ Born in Bulgaria, currently living in Germany since 2 years ago/ My name's Martin, Born in Pleven, Bulgaria. Legit a MTA nolifer, trying hard to become a HDMer, finished HDM maps such as Noxious Force 2, Breathe of Skills, etc. I'm 15, tho age doesn't matter. Born in June 6th, 2005. 
2.Previous clans: Only previous clan is United Force (uF), because I've never been interested in joining clans, but that changed few months ago.
3.Your MTA career: My mta career started back in 2012-2013. Not much to say, since I spent most of these years in SofaKingCool (SKC) DM server, rarely in other servers, mainly because I wanted to be a SKC member. As I said, I'm trying to become a HDMer, training every day for a couple of hours. When I got free time, ofc. 
4. Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?: Elite Players is a good clan judging by what I've heard, so I'd like to try it out. 

Discord: throne#0069, DMs are always open 
I don't think it's necessary giving other apps
6. Something to add(optional): Don't really know what to add here, except I'd like to be a part of the clan, would be nice to meet new people.

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