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YGTZ's Join Request


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1. Nickname / Location / Personal info

My name is Yigithan and I'm 20 years old. I live in the Netherlands, but my roots are from Turkey. Currently I'm studying Pharmacy and I really like it. My ingame nickname is ygtz or YGTZ

2. Previous Clans

Kropovez Team 
The Panic Industry 
Skilled Drifters 
Team Epsilon 
Death On Approach

3. Your MTA career

I started playing back in 2011. One of the first servers I visited was DDC and I didn't leave it till it basically died. I joined a few clans there and tried to improve myself in WFF, because that was the way we played in DDC. The first clan I joined was Kropovez Team (KRO). In the beginning I was just a simple member, but after a while I was promoted to leader. We participated in DDC's relegation tourney (something like L7 WFF) and finished second behind TPI.
Then it was time for me to move on and I decided to accept the offer to join The Panic Industry (TPI). I stayed here for a while and played many clanwars, mostly DM (classic maps back then) and OS, versus other subclans in DDC's community.
When TPI became inactive, I decided to start an own clan with some friends. I founded Team Epsilon and we were quite successful. We even went outside of the community and participated in L7 0S which wasn't a good tourney for us, but we tried to perform as good as we could. After L7 OS I didn't enjoy the game anymore and decided to leave the game.
When I came back to this game around 2018's summer, I joined Death On Approach (DoA). Unfortunately my laptop was really old and I couldn't play the game smoothly, so I just played to communicate with my friends. I started being active in the beginning of 2019 when I bought a new laptop. We participated in L7 OS and finished first beating all clans in that tourney. After this tourney we went unbeaten for ~2 years in DM/OS clanwars. I could say that my time in DoA was one of the most enjoyable periods I've had playing this game.

Apart from being in clans, I also was in charge as an admin in DDC. I used to have one of the highest levels in the server. Besides, I also was arranging OS events in the server.
At the moment I'm an OS intern in Lumiverse.

4. Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?

I think this clan could be a good place for me, because I like being competitive and try to do as much as I can to help the team. I could be a great addition into your WFF squad. Classic maps are my favourite when it comes to choosing maps, but I can train newschool maps aswell. Apart from that, I'm well mannered, so representing the clan in a good way wouldn't be a problem for me.

5. Contact

Discord: ygtz#6161

6. Something to add

I'm going on vacation on the 28th of July till mid-August. You can always try to contact me through Discord, but you won't see me ingame during that period.






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