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Elite Fight DM - Referee Applications


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This time, we have something a little different for our DM Tournament. We might be in need of the community's help in Refereeing and Managing the matches.


Requirements for getting picked as a Referee are as follows;

- You need to be expert (or atleast have some experience) in Refereeing and Managing DM matches.
- You need to have the time to Referee a full match and Manage it fairly.

If you don't have experience and you'd like to help us, don't worry you still can as we're here to support you and can point out everything for you to become a good Referee.


What do we want from you as a Referee;

- After each match you manage, you'll have to post the score on our Forum with the right format, and if needed you can also send in the top 3 players to the Organizers as they can fill a top 10 list of players' stats.
- We'll have a private chat on our Discord with all the Referees, we expect from you to be online and respond most of the time so it's easier to contact you and the others for scheduling the matches and such.


Application Format.

  • Ingame nickname:
  • Country:
  • Which days are you available to referee a match? (Saturday or/and Sunday): 
  • Experience as a Referee:
  • Contact (Discord): 


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  • Ingame nickname: xFTLZ
  • Country: Argentina 
  • Which days are you available to referee a match? (Saturday or/and Sunday): Sunday
  • Experience as a Referee: 2+ Years
  • Contact (Discord): xFTLZ#4378
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