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kATAMARAN'S Join Request


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хAbout me:

Yo! My real name is Daniel (in-game Katamaran aka Ecco).
My age is twenty one and I live in Ukraine. Atm I keep studying in law university.

xMy GTA:SA Timeline ->

Playing SA since 2005 when it was released in my country, I was played in computer clubs for first time with local servers (10 players max) In 2009 start playing SAMP and MTA:3 Played on old gta.ru, o.O, team neo projects > after team neo sv closing moving to my new for this time server Twisted-Gamers, played on DM, OS, Hunter and other mgm mods. in SAMP I was played on RP projects, managed some projects like RakNet, SAMP-RP. Now I still play this shet and collect the maps for sometimes ofc😎Also instead MTA I'm playing Dota 2, CS:GO, and other games

xPrevious clans:

Team Evolution [2011-2013] (closed)
nab Team [2013-2014] (left - reforming squads)
Small Hustlers Crew [2014-2016] (retired)
xTreme Racers zCool [2018] (closed)
Death On Approach [2018-2019] (left for personal reasons)

Other crews:

Sa1Nts DayZ squad (2013-2015)
GranD Tactical squad (2016-2018)
Phenomenal Ones (2015-for now)

Why I'm think that eP blest pace for me?

Idk I see some guys which I know and wanna play CW's and do other activity for clan

Contact info: Cyber Space and Discord




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