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SHNXZ (shenox) Join Request


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SHNXZ'S Join Request

1. Nickname / Location / Personal info
Sup y'all, my real name its Ricardo, ingame called Shenox or SHNXZ, i'm 25 years old, i live in Brazil, at the state of Parana, it's a quiet and a pretty good place to live. Im a professional of accounting, also a mma and blue belt jiu jitsu fighter as a hobby.


2. Previous Clans
Sadly i wont remeber the dates that well

 -|ERU|* = Extreme Racers United

SoR! = Squad of Revolution

|Tsw| = The Speed Warriors

'AP! = Ability Power

SHC// = Small Hustlers Crew

PiA| = Pros in Action

TC| = The Crew Gaming

3. Your MTA career

Well talking about MTA, i started playing in 2011, at the server called ERU (Extreme Racers United), i played there for some years, so many of you wont remember my name, i used to play a lot in latins servers, but then, in 2014 i started my journey at FFS server made 550k+ points in DM, met a lot of people and made a lot of friends, many of them still playing, i stoped many years ago bcz i had to go to university so didnt had any free time to play, but i missed a lot this game, so i decided to come back and revive a lot of good memories.

4. Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?
As you all see, i've been already at a lot of clans, but sadly  i didnt had the chance to join EP, since now, im playing at Tff's server and saw JARI, one of your members, and that made me very happy, bcz he's an old friend of mine when we was at TC, so i decided to came back from retirement, hope that i'll be able to start a new history beeing one of yours most proud member and being able to enjoy the game once again, side to side with legends.


5. Contact


Yours faithfully,




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