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EF WFF 2 - The Grand Final


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Elite Fight WFF 2


The Grand Final

Stage Date Match Time Referee Streamer Score MVP
Final 05/08 XpR - E 21:00 CEST TBA TBA TBA TBA


Maps are available on Event server now.

1. Goku - Coldhazard (E)
2. Snake V6 - Starlight Skills (XpR)
3. Deadline ft. Poeta - Geronimo (E)
4. HawK vol.2 - The Devil in I (XpR)
5. Darmos ft. Swalox ft. DRiVeR - The Essence of Speed II
6. aNDy - Unforgettable Night 3 (E)
7. BrighT v5 - Uncharitable II (XpR)
8. Cosa_Nostra ft Dimka73 - Infernus Style (E)
9. Chipy - Descendant's Skills IV (XpR)
10. DRiVeR ft. Dybala ft. Rexon - Presage II


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