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Lukas join request


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1. Nickname / Location / Personal info

My nickname is Lukas also known as QlimaX or CyreX, i'm living in United Kingdom for the last 18+

2. Previous Clans


SG| - Social Gamers - Closed

-RB- - RedBull - Closed/Inactive 

FNF// - Fast'N'Furious - Closed 

SHC// - Small Hustlers Crew - Left 

-DG| - Divinity Gamers - Closed 

TR| - Talca Racing - Left 

'Zs - Zephyros - Closed 

L7 - Legendary Seven - Left

3. Your MTA career


Well, i would be abe to spend 10 hours in this part of JR to write and write since i play it since abour 2009/2010, can't remember clearly when i entered the game for the first time, all started in old Polish server created by Michal, server was called F.. something, well,  u can see the server name that i played on a famous Golden Hunter mod, the mod was created for that server back then, years and years ago and had that advertisements of the side of the back part of the plane, anyways, time passed, i was active af there, played around 12h everyday in that server, had rank 1 in everything, win %, passed maps, toptimes, points, well, u name it, back then there was no user panel, just simple stats system, with commands, the owner of the server gave me free VIP(Donator status, Permament) due to my insane activity on the server, basically more than half of the day online, 12-15h, my personal record was 72~ hours online playing MTA/8-Pool Billiards game without having a single nap, so yeah, was wild player back then 😄 After some time, i found another server, called SG - Social Gamers - DD/DM 24/7 founder and developer of the server was SpunKyMe, he is the founder of Sigmar MGM script, now it's old script, back then SG was competing with TG, in CW's & in server developments, so i played in that server for few months, created a bond between SG members, and eventually posted a join request, I remember as it happened today, SG|GGKia: if you make tt 5 or faster on Cosa_Nostra - Time To Try (i think its the correct name) we will accept you, so i made tt1 as it was nothing to do for me back then, next day, SG|*Adidas* - joined as Trial, back then i was playing under nick Adidas, started from my MTA career beginning changed to ~QlimaX* in 2012~ anyway, i'm here not to talk about what nick i used in which year hehe, sadly SG been closed due to founder decision to retire from MTA. SG| - Social Gamers was my first ever clan in MTA & 'Zs - Zephyros was my latest one. longest time spent in a clan was 6 years, -DG| - Divinity Gamers, i founded this clan in 2013 with well known player today, RoNNiE & closed it in 2019, we were not known players back then, well, i'm still not-known until today. xd after 1 year break form MTA, i founded 'Zs - Zephyros in 2020 with nothing but a little hope of having fun with my few friends and competing with another teams in clanwars. 😛 ❤️ Sadly the day has come when i had to close this clan in 2022 after 2 & half years in the team as Founder/Leader/DM-Manager. My latest clan was L7 - Legendary Seven. after a months without a clan, i'm trying my luck to be part of Elite Players.

4. Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?

Elite Players has everything needed for a clan and it is considered the most stable team on the MTA:DM community, that gives me a hint that it is the right place for me to settle myself down for good as i already had experiences with past clans that don't have that stability.

5. Contact

discord; xcyrexix or qlimax5240

6. Something to add(optional)

@LonneXAzirbajanik! ❤️


Thanks for reading my JR, if anything you want to ask me, feel free to send me a PM in discord.

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9 minutes ago, zihark said:

experience: https://tff.gg/index.php?/topic/9148-reporting-rhae/ (don't take it as a advertise, but more like advice)

Thanks for the information, but this ban been removed as it's fake and without decent proofs against us and it's without proofs that we were ddosing Lost,(pulling out yor internet cable with screen recorder turned on and timing out on purpose does not make us ddosers.) if you have any proofs that is legit feel free to upload them and share with others, I'm not looking for trouble with anyone, Thanks.

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