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EF DM Season 2 - Outcome


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Elite Fight: DM - Season 2
Another tournament have been finished. Lets keep it simple, we wanna thank everyone for participating and making it enjoyable as much as u can. On to the Outcome of EF DM Season 2!
First a special thanks to:
Obviously a huge thanks to Zeitgeist that was able to help us through out the tournament I wasnt able to do it all by myself so a huge thanks to every single one of u. Lets see what the future brings to us for organizing a tournament again!
Also not to forget the community that also helped us with being a Steamer or was able to be a Referee for some matches we want to thank every single one of you to help us out and made it enjoyable for everyone!
EF DM Season 2 - Final
The Final was taking place on 21.05.2023. It was one hell of a final which we all deserved. The match was going on for 3 hours and 30 min. After getting the score to 6-6, XpR managed to get the final point and took the championship! We also want to congratulate XpR for winning the first 2 seasons of EF DM thats a very good achievement well played guys!

The stats of the Final can be found Here

🏆 XpR
🥈 Xz
🥉 eP


Congratulations to the other 2 teams that managed to get into the Top 3 it was a good and intense battle this season! Well done.



Further Thanks

Further thanks to everyone that helped us to make it a fun and enjoyable tournament like being a referee or a streamer.

Referee Times Assistant Times Streamers Times
HawK 5 Backflip 3 Xevadish 1
SrK 3 SrK 2 Temp 1
MJT 2 MJT 1 Naval 1
JARI 2 JARI 1    
Pawni 1 Natz 1    
EmperioR 1        
Naval 1        
Backflip 1        
KENZOR 1        
Kevin 1        
DirefulCrab 1        
TROY 1        

Thanks again for all the support and we hope that everyone had a enjoyable time playing this 2nd Season of EF DM. Thanks again to Zeitgeist and all the participating teams and lets see what the future brings to us!



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