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EF DM Season 2 - PlayOffs


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Elite Fight: DM - Season 2
Hello everyone, we are happy to announce that we made it through to the Playoffs. We wanna thank every single one of you for participating and helping us making this tournament enjoyable for everyone.
As we said 6th and 7th place will be eliminated, we want to say thank you to:
L7 - Legendary Seven
TfF - The Favoured Few
For participating in EF DM Season 2 I hope that every single one from you had a enjoyable time playing.
The Playoffs stage consists of 4 teams, 6th and 7th place are eliminated and since the departure of Syn from EF DM the Playoffs stage will be shorter this time.
The following matches are gonna be:
1st match: Xen vs. XpR.
2nd match: Xz vs. eP.
Winner vs Winner
Stage Date Match Time Referee Assistant Streamer Score MVP
1/2 Saturday, 29.04.2023 Xen - XpR 19:00 CEST - - - 0 - 0 -
1/2 Sunday, 30.04.2023 Xz - eP 19:00 CEST - - - 0 - 0 -
Final -   19:00 CEST - - - 0 - 0 -



Time for the maplist here is the information that you need to know about how the maplist will work:

All the maps can be picked again!


1/2 Maplist.

The maplist for the 1/2 will be as followed. The 4 clans that will be participating can pick each 3 maps which makes it a total of 12. The last map will be picked by our bot in our Discord


Finals Maplist.

For the Grand Final the maplist will be as followed, the 2 clans that will fight between each other will pick each 5 maps which makes it a total of 10 maps. The other 3 maps will be picked by our bot in our Discord.


NOTE: You cannot choose maps twice throughout the Playoffs, so think carefully about which maps you choose!



Playoffs Rules

There will be a few rules that will be added for the Playoffs.

1. Non-registered people are not allowed to play even if both clans agree. If we notice that a player outside the roster has played, the clan will be disqualified.

2. Through the Playoffs there wont be anymore roster changes.

3. Organizers will be more strict with the maps that will be picked.


Clan Rosters

Nothing special will be added to the Clan Rosters remember about the new rule that has been noted above. Max people will stay at 20 and there will be no more roster changes through the Playoffs!

Make sure to check the Clan Rosters here.


Thats all for the Playoffs we wish everyone good luck and a enjoyable time playing!


Organizers' contacts:


@SrK - martin#5206

@Fars - Fars#2759

@HawK - HawK#0564

@ModoJuggerT- MaJT#4498



Please make sure you join our Discord Server where we will also be announcing your matches and allow easier communication.


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