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Sonn's Join Request


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1. Nickname / Location / Personal info

My name is Filip, and I'm 18 years old and I was born in Poland and currently living in Germany.
I can speak Polish, German and English fluently!


2. Previous Clans
L7 - Legendery Seven | Left 
F1 - Fast ones | Left 

3. Your MTA career

I've played MTA ever since I was a little child, back then called "SAMP" and 2012 started playing on Servers like  TfF and NTL mainly DM until 2017 where I had to quit, because I didn't have a computer at that point, and ever since I got a computer again, which was at mid July 2022 I started playing MTA again and found my love for the game again.

4. Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?

I think I fit into this Team pretty perfectly cause of many points, First of all, I would be a good addition to the HDM Squad of EP, cause I mainly play HDM, I think I could help out the team with my skills, other than that I think  the people in the Clan are pretty Funny and have a good relationship to each other, which is pretty import for me, because I want to have fun with the players in the clan 🙂


5. Contact

Discord : Sonna#0510


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