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WoRMs's Join Request


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1. Nickname / Location / Personal info

My name is Gonçalo, in-game known as "WoRMs" since i ever started playing MTA, i'm from Portugal and i'm currently 24years old.

2. Previous Clans

After long years of this game, ain't easy to remember every single clans, so in this case, i will just mentioned the most memorable ones to me:

-cS// (Cool Shadow) - The clan wich i first created, it was a awesome journey will all the people we had in, good times and laughts, managed to keep it alive for more than 1year, close to 2years, but unfornately had to shut it down, but as my first experience as a leader/onwer i belive i did a great work.

-DG| (Divinity Gamers) - Belive this was my 2nd clan if i am not mistaken, some good time there aswell unfornately the team ended to die, place were i was just a normal member but did stay untill the last breath.

ePic! (Epic Family) - A team i have joined just as a member, indeed another that did not make it to nowadays and lasted few months, tho as allways i stayed until his last breath.

MvP! (Most Valuable Players) - A team i have joined just as a member, indeed another that did not make it to nowadays and lasted few months, tho as allways i stayed until his last breath.

X/ (Xenous) - The most recent one, since i have returned to MTA, even having some good people in it, old friends and new ones that i have met, after a month it started to not meet my requirements, of what i want as a team/family/clan, so i have took a decision by myself of leaving the same.

3. Your MTA career
My history in this game started a long time ago when Tara maps where something we used to call "hard", remember myself to play on the X5 servers for hours non-stoping - at the age i was when we had nothing to worry than the normal school, times went by and i have decided to try some DD mode with a friend, quite funny it was but altough, it was not even close than being my most liked gamemode, quite got lose of it and played DM the most of the times, times went by, some fun teams were joined wich i can't remember all of them, and then one day i have decided to open "Cool Shadow" the first clan i ever onwed and performed as a headmaster of it (more details in the question below) - however after about a long 1,5years close to 2years i saw myself forced to shut it down unfornately, after those times, never tested my self once again on leadership, times went by and i made a small break of the regular DM, i started to spend sometimes with a friend on a roleplay server, about 1year or such, barely touching the DM mode, but of course excused to say i had to turn myself back on it, afterall, my roots were made there and there was no way i could get lost of it that easy! I have tried my luck to some notorious teams on that time such as EPG, FOTL, TFF but had no luck or maybe it was just not my time, further to this i have been in some clans created by known people of my mta friends such as MvP, ePic!, -DG| and others, that honestly were nothing more than just good times and laughts, but wich never were close to achieve the plans or objectives i looked for in a team. Meanwhile, about some years ago, around 4years i have decided to take a long break from MTA, not only by my choice bue also due my real life studys and now current job, altough in November of last year (2020) i have made the decision to come back to MTA and use some of my spare time (2-3hours a day) to play some mta and laugh with the old friends.

4. Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?

Honestly, i have no special reason, i'm looking for a new place, a new team since i have come back, used to known some old EP players, and now some new good people, so here i am just trying my luck.

5. Contact

You can contact me via discord - WoRMs!#4928, might add i'm not here 24hours a day even having same in the phone, so expect any type of delays.


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