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Ronaldo's Join Request


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1. Nickname / Location / Personal info: My name is Mücahit, in-game Ronaldo. I live in Austria but I am actually from Türkiye. I am 22 years old.


2. Previous Clans:

[NFS] - Need For Speed | Closed

TDA// - Turkish Drift Airless | Closed

~TS~ - Twin Stars | Closed

|RK| - Racing King | Closed

-sK- - Skilled Gaming | Closed

>VIP< - Very Important Players | Left

-ffs- - For Fuck's Sake | Left

|-XpR-| - Xtreme Pro Racers | Left


3. Your MTA career: I started playing MTA in 2009 on real-life servers. In 2011 I actively started playing DM and became better at this game mode. Since that time I've been a part of famous clans and gained a lot of experience, played on different servers and got a lot of friends, participated in various WFF & HDM tournaments & events, achieved winner titles in some of them.


4. Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?: I define myself as a good and experienced HDM player, which could be a good addition for HDM squad. I also believe that clan's atmosphere is as good as my friends who're in team told me because fun is the only reason to play games.


5. Contact: Discord - Reox#6152

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