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mein's join request.


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Nickname / Location / Personal info

Hello, my name is Kuba and I'm 17 years old guy from Poland, I'm known as MeiN.


2. Previous Clans

R# - closed

dx' - closed


3. Your MTA career

My adventure with this game started in 2015.

The first server I ever played was called ToxiC, there i met gamemode which is DM, and then i felt something to this gamemode, i just loved it. 2 years later I started playing on RP servers,

but I got bored quickly because I got banned everywhere, so I decided to come back to DM.

In December 2020 I joined to Ravens, my first clan ever. I met here a lot of new guys that I love. Then my real carrer started, unfornately clan has been closed 3 month later.

Few weeks later, i joined to dx'.I also met a lot of people here that i respect and am still in touch with to this day and we play this beautiful game together.

I never liked  DM maps, I have always preferred HDM. I just want to do more than hold one arrow (read W).

I just want to show off by doing something that a little part of people can do, and that's what i want to do.


4. Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?

At the moment, It seems to me that eP will be the best option for me,

it will be a challenge for me to show up, I want the players to hear about me.

Also, i could play HDM clanwars for you, I am good in what i do. 

5. Contact

Discord: MeiN#2191

6. Something to add(optional)


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