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RemiX's Join Request


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Hello Dear



1.  Nickname / Location / Personal info  :


My name is John , but l am known as RemiX in-game . l am 22 y.o and live in the south of Brazil in a state called Santa Catarina . 


l am studying mechanical engineering in two countries , Brazil and Germany . 


l speak 4 languages , being them : 


Portuguese - Fluent

German - Intermediary

Spanish - I am not fluent , but l understand almost all the words .

Polish : Basic



2.  Previous Clans :


Squad Of Revolutions ( SoR )

National Gaming ( nG//

Knights Of Red Nights ( Korn )

The Second Warning ( Tsw )

Awesome in Racers ( AiR )

Skills Without Control ( SwC ) 

Redbull// ( -RB-)

Unstoppable Fighters Force ( Uff.)

Iron Will ( iW//)

Zeitgeist ( 'xZ )



3.  Your MTA career :


I met the MTA around 2011 , this was a recommendation from a friend of mine .


2012 - 2013 : Around 2012 , I ended up starting in some DayZ and Freeroam servers . Until the moment I was only focusing on these modes .


2014 - 2015As I was already sick of playing on the same server , I ended up having the curiosity to look for others . And I ended up knowing the ER# server . During this time , I focused and learned several things and met some people who already played this game first than me , being them Pablow, Kenzo and among others .


2016 - 2017 : During these years , as I had already learned and evolved a little of my skills , I had the recommendation of some people ( that now I don't remember their name ) to meet the TFF server .


2018 - 2019During these years , I ended up getting a bit sick of MTA and decided to stop playing for a while and focus on my studies . I came back again at the end of 2018 and quickly got to know the FFS server and some people who played on that server . 


2020I was trying to evolve as never before . I continued playing on the FFS server and so I was creating friendships and creating opportunities for myself .



4. Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you ?



I have been in teams and clans for 10 years . And if there is something that is always requested is people with maturity and responsibility in and out of game . I know very well that there are members within the eP that I know from other teams . And if there is something  I can expect from the members and even the leaders of this clan is the responsibility and I am sure even .. I am not a PRO-PLAYER will always be responsible to train and participate in cw's and important events .



5. Contact :


Discord : RemiX 🐊#4737


6. Something to add :


I want to thank everyone who took 1 minute or more of their time to read this Join Request, even though it was not done with much quality, I tried to make it as good and colorful as possible .







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