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Robert Join Request


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1. Nickname / Location / Personal information:

Hello, my name is Roberto, I live in Chile in Cachagua to be exact, I am also 21 years old

2. Previous Clans

BOSS - The BOSS Clan(Closed)

Zs - Zephyros (CLOSED)

vZ - Veterans Zone

NxR - National Extreme Racing (CLOSED)

TR - Talca Racing (CLOSED)

Sin - Sinister (CLOSED)

3. Your MTA career

Well I started playing from the Mr.Green servers where the race mode was and also the OS, a mode which later revolutionized the DM and I met ffs

Obviously for study reasons I had to leave the game and I came back in 2014, And that's when I joined my first clan, which was BOSS, where I met many people whom I thank for having taught me.

After a while the clan died, for reasons that many stopped playing, and not much could be done, there I also met my friend unz0r/Zerkom who motivated me to continue.

Even so, I left again and returned in 2020, where I joined the NxR clan where I met the term ''Family''....Well there I mostly developed my first cws and obviously I didn't know what was better, until I started playing WFF and getting good toptimes on some maps , Well and I also have to say that I made mistakes in my whole career of this game, I was very immature, I used tox in the cws, and I also used the identity of another person to feel a little better about myself, obviously it was stupid, but I think that we've all had mistakes, Now I am very different, I am very serious with what I speak and do, I take the weight of things and I hope they understand it,  I can also say that I play mta 24/7, I love WFF, I also try to play hdm, maybe I'm not that good but I can help a lot in that mode, but especially in WFF it motivates me a lot.



4.  Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?

It should be said that for me this is a dream, but I like how the eP team is, it shows a lot of effort, improvements, and a very nice and united family ,I would like to be able to develop my full potential with you

5. Contact: syxzem#8712

6. Something to add:

Thank you for reading my Application,  Elite Players !

eu te amo macaco de mão sinso e warro


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