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BasiK's join request


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1. Nickname / Location / Personal info:  My name is Maxim, I was born and raised in the Russian Federation and I live in the Rostov region, in the city of Rostov-on-Don. Im 19 y.o. I study at the Pedagogical Institute, I go in for sports professionally and in my free time I like to play in the MTA.

2. Previous Clans: 
[FOTL] 2020-2021 - dm manager - closed
/TfF\ 2months - trial - left cuz my friends made a clan
[MfAS] 2021-2022 - member - closed
Zs'  4months - DM Manager/Assistant management - closed
[FoXX] 1months - trial - kicked

3. Your MTA career: In 2012, I started playing in the TG project, where my friend invited me. Until 2014, I played every day, but because of my studies, I had to leave this business. Returning in 2019, I joined my friends, we were united by the FOTL tag. I have always been dedicated to my work and the guys know it, but some circumstances forced us to close the clan. After I joined TfF, but the depressing atmosphere of the clan did not give me peace of mind and I decided to leave and immediately after I stopped playing MTA. in 2022 I returned and immediately received an offer to join Zs. The bad times in the clan did not scare me and I decided to help Lukas as much as I could, but my job did not give me the opportunity to take part in cws, although there were not many of them at all. Zs only play DM cws, although I am a great DM/Hunter player, I also want to try Wff, and Zs clan, there is no opportunity to prove myself. After the closure of Zephyros, I tried my luck being part of the Foxx team, but due to a misunderstanding with the team's management, I was kicked out. But this is not the end of my career in the MTA.

Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?: The Elite Players is a stable clan that already has a history and is at the top of the rest. The results of clanwars and the players who are in the clan bribe me and I would like to develop with this clan and write this clan into my little history of my game in the MTA. I hope that I will be pleased with the atmosphere in the clan, I hope for hospitality

Contact: BasiK#6536

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