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A New Beginning


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We are glad to welcome you for the first time during 2023. We hope that the previous year did not take a serious toll on any of you and that you all enter the new one with fresh goals and ambitions ahead of you, even though it might be hard at times. For us personally, 2022 went pretty smoothly and we are mostly satisfied about the things that we have managed to achieve as a clan and as a community, but naturally we do not plan to rest on our laurels, as we begin the new year with new challenges waiting for us.


• 2022 

        Before we fully move on to discuss 2023 in detail though, we would like to have one last look at all the knowledge and experience we have gained throughout the past year, as we believe that they are something that can not just be forgotten and unsaid, if we plan to continue to grow as a clan and as a community. Firstly, we would like to thank all of the participants and congratulate all the winners of our Elite Fight and Elite Series tournaments that we hosted during 2022. Making sure that they went according to the schedule and that all of the involved players were satisfied was our main goal for 2022 and we believe that we have managed to succeed. Obviously, there were a few minor bumps along the way, but we see them as an opportunity to learn from our mistakes and make sure that we can avoid them in the future. Speaking of which, all the knowledge we gathered will hopefully come in handy very quickly, as our hard-working event organizers do not plan to stop there and are already in the process of preparing new editions of our tournaments, including recently announced second season of Elite Fight DM and much more in near future, so stay tuned to see more details about that. With that being said, we would like to thank all of you for your continuous support that allows us to keep growing and improving. We are fully aware that the responsibility to deliver our promises and to turn them into reality is on our side now and we hope not to disappoint. We sincerely wish you a happy 2023 and we can not wait to face the challenges that lie ahead of us in the coming year.



• Elite Fight Deathmatch (2)

        Almost a year ago we started our first tournament which was for the DM gamemode. After the success we made with it coupled with previous tournaments, we decided to bring back another season of EF DM and hope to bring the gamemode back to the level where it belongs. Haven't checked the first season and the upcoming season? Make sure to check it right here.

        This time around we will be receiving assistance from Zeitgeist. We are happy that they made the offer to help us in making this tournament even better than before.



• New year, new roster

        And finally, we get to a part that appears in our news threads pretty regularly, the roster changes. We have to admit that the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 surprised us with a decent amount of both great join requests, but also a fair amount of leavings. We would like to bid farewell to:

        - Adidas

        - GOTZHA

        - Facuuzz


as they are no longer a part of our clan. It is never easy when we lose our people, but nonetheless we do our best to understand their decision and we always wish them the best of luck on the new path they decided to follow, both in-game and real life. We would like to thank you for your hard work and all the input you had on the clan while in it, we sincerely hope that you will be able to find yourselves a new place as soon as possible.

        Roster changes are not just bad news, though. We are glad to announce that @sinso is now officially our WFF Manager. Thank you for the continuous effort and dedication, we hope that a humble promotion will keep you motivated and willing to do your best to help the clan.

        We don't have one but 2 people getting promoted. Congratulations to @KreeT for making the first step forward to be our HDM Assistant. We're sure he will do a great job together with our current HDM Manager @SheldoN.



• Server Updates

        Let's move on to the big part, our server. After release of our server in 2021 and getting small updates throughout the months and years, we are happy to announce that we managed to get an amazing new UI and new features to make clan wars and Tournament matches even more fun and enjoyable. First, we have to give a lot of credits to the people who have made it possible for us. Where it all starts is the designs and we are lucky that we had the perfect person for it in our clan who was happy to get the opportunity to make it possible. A big thanks to @SheldoN for creating amazing designs to get us a new UI. Let's also not forget the individual who turned the designs into reality. Our former member, the clan's Legend was still able to get us a new UI and the new features in any way possible. A huge thanks to @Flash for making it all possible.  A big thank you for these 2 people, you are the best!

        As mentioned, we did not say our last word when it comes to organizing various tournaments, as we see them as a success and something worth our effort. We came to a conclusion that a big part of that was actually our server, as most of the participating players seemed to  have been content with its features and overall performance, just like we were ourselves. But as they say, if you don't move forward, sooner or later you begin to move backward, therefore we decided that it is time to give our server a well-deserved update. Once more we want it to stand as an uncompromising example of what such a server should be, providing its players with all the various features that they could think of, paired with aesthetics appealing to the eye and perfectly smooth performance. After a fair amount of effort and testing, we believe that we have managed to achieve all of the mentioned points. You can see the list of fresh features, fixes and also a bunch of screenshots presenting brand new user interface below.


        - Added support for the Race gamemode

        - Added Training Mode for Event Arenas

        - All arenas can now be locked/unlocked

        - Added Lobby Arena Messages

        - Added group command for DM clan wars

        - Updated chat messages color

        - Changed clan war results output command

        - Updated clan war states to free/live/ended

        - Vehicles in training arena now have the color of the team you are in

        - Moved split times of checkpoints from top right corner to chatbox

        - Fixed no message problem for spectators in Training arena after pressing enter

        - Fixed training panel's toptime 1 bug after the toptime 1 was deleted

        - Fixed map duration issue






Training panel






Clanwar panel


Server is now unlocked and open for everyone. Server IP: mtasa://


• Summary of our Competitive Year

        We feel that as a clan, eP has always been considered as not only a great place to be in, but also a major threat to other clans when it came to in-game competition. We always do everything in our power to make sure that our squad managers are able to lead our clan towards the victory, by both giving them a hand when it is needed and regularly  providing them with fresh blood to give them more options when it comes to deciding the final player list. 2022 was not an exception to that rule, as we have managed to achieve a 71% win-rate over the course of more than 40 DM-based clan wars all throughout the year. We find that result to be respectable, as the game remains pretty competitive, but there is obviously a room for improvement and we definitely plan to achieve that during 2023. Wish us luck with that.

        And that is it for today. All in all, we wish to continue our way down the path we have taken, as we believe that the experience we gained while on it will allow us to avoid all of our past mistakes. We hope that all the support we recieve from all of you is not going to end and that, together, we will be able to keep the game going. We wish you a happy 2023, see you in-game and take care.



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