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DriveBy ' s Join Request


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1 .  Nick : Zekeriya Baysöz  / Ingame : DriveBy

Location : Germany / Nürnberg 

Age : 23

Hobbys : Fitness , Mta playing🙂


2. Clans : SHC , Elite , Foxx, TG


3. Your MTA career :

I started this game in 2014 only with SAMP then I went over to the mta and started racing my first server was called German Place after that I was active on tff it all went on until 2018 after that I had a break until now for personal reasons but now I'm back at the start and I'm only active and I don't intend to take a break again.


4.  Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you ?

Because I see it from before and observe that ep was always active no matter what was always on its feet that always convinced me and I liked it and that's why I want to be a member of you too.


5. Konakt : zekeriyaa1999@outlook.de


6.     I hope  it will be something 😄 , Greetings, DriveBy😘




















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