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"Taemi" Join Request


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1. Nickname / Location / Personal info

Taemi, MeloN, Lithuanian,  20year,  gamer, also big worker xD

2. Previous Clans

L7 - Left

Sixth Sense[6s] - retired from mta(got proofs that i was 6s) 

3. Your MTA career

Hello, i am started to play mta at 2012, at ffs server then i move to TG then FINN created 6s clan on ffs i was good at hdm,dm,hunter they accepted me to 6s,  i was part of sixth sense, i played alot clanwars and other modes, shooter then my pc got broken at 2016 and i was lost all my details, account and other info, now im back at 2022  playing at FFS, TFF with new pc and getting back my skills at hunter,hdm 

4. Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?

I think, i can get better again at eP cuz its good clan, who can get better, find some good persons, and ofcource i can help with hdm, hunter clanwars.

5. Contact

Tsae#6666 - discord.

6. Something to add(optional)

I hope i will become a part of this team, and get better again playing with ep.

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11 hours ago, GRSNZ said:

I think you don't deserve to join Elite Player because of i remember you when you was acting like toxic guy against me and some insults + racism

Also you were talked shit about eP when i was waiting for jr answer. ( u was in L7 )

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yea, thats true i said trashtalked about you and other but, i just say truth about you, cuz you called me like newgen player, and i just started to insult but its doesnt mean i trashtalked you all time only 1 time, and about ep i didnt say anything i just said idk if u gonna accepted nothing more 😄 about another thing ye i can say its true about ep no cuz i allways respected ep

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