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M00nday's join request


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1. Nickname / Location / Personal info

M00nday alias Own / living in Germany / 22 years old, working in IT and media design related areas

2. Previous Clans

3lite Racers (3R) 2013 - 2022 (Left)

3. Your MTA career

I started playing MTA with a friend in 2010 on different kinds of servers. For the first few years we played on german Roleplay servers bcs they were really popular back then. Eventually we came across a server called "3lite Racers..." (idk how it was originally called back then) and we decided to spend some time there. The first few years I just played for fun just like the majority of the Server did. But as the time passed, I was getting fascinated by the people who finished maps way faster than the casual player and so I started to get interested into OS (every map was OS on the server back then). In 2013 things changed. It was rly hard for me to improve myself in OS and I got pretty bored of it so I wanted to try different things. I tried myself on the gamemode "Shooter" and I was surprisingly not bad at it. As the time went on, I improved pretty quickly at this gamemode and decided to make a join request to 3R. Since I had good relations with the leader at that time already, I got accepted by him rly quickly. After this, nothing much happened. I played nowhere else than on 3R all those years and played the same gamemode with the same people nearly everyday. In 2016 I was starting to lead the 3R shooter squad because the old leader was retiring and he thought that I would be the perfect person for that place. Unfortunately it was the year where I lost my interest into shooter and starting to only play OS at that time because my interest in it came back. Eventually I got "moved" to the leader position in the OS area since their Leader got kicked and never rly left this position since then. People like "RoLeX" and "Caver", who are the closest friends I got in mta, were also a part of this clan and since they both were leading the DM and OS section, this clan got better than ever before. But since the clan still has many things which annoy me (which the clan owner doesnt care about), I decided to leave this clan.
There is ofc more but it's way too much and I doubt that anyone wants to read that.

4. Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?

It's simply the complete opposite of my former clan. Active members, regular cws, no people who ignore you, friendly community, a clan which cares about his members. This clan is basically all you can ask for.

5. Contact

Currently only my Discord: Own #6232

6. Something to add(optional)


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