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KeLLeCi's Join Request


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                                                           •  Nickname / Location / Personal info

 Hello guys my name is Furkan, in game KeLLeCi, im 26 years old and living in Istanbul

                                                              Previous Clans
 |uFo|-Unarmed Force

 ED|-Eski Dostlar

 iW//-Iron Will

 [MAD]-Mafioso Auto Drivers

  And not official clan but i had been part of  EoS- Essence of Speed

                                                             •   Your MTA career

       Started game in 2010 with DD servers i cant even remember their names, 1 year later i met DM in random Turkish servers.After a few months i found X5 server and played there.I was active in TG SHC FFS servers     too.Within 12 years i gave breaks becauuse of irl goals and problems.

                                                             •   Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?

 First of all if you are playing DM there is no way you  havent heard about this clan, players are so skilled and high level.Of course thats attracts every player 

                                                               • Contact

       Gazinoular Kralı Furkan#6961

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