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Dice's Join Request


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Nickname / Location / Personal Information
My nick is Dice, im 22 years old and from Germany.

Previous Clans
- Small Hustlers Crew
- Xtreme Skillers
- Savages Kingdom
- Nothing to Lose
- For Fuck Sake
- Project Beast
- Zenosyne
- Elite Players

- Seventh Miracle
- Xenous
- Legendary Seven

Your MTA Career
I've started playing MTA back in 2012 on a German DM server, my journey there didnt last for too long considering i didnt see any improvement at all during my time playing there
so i decided to move onto another server which has probably affected me the most skill wise, as i've learnt the basics of DM there. Sadly after some time they decided to close after quite some time.
After they have closed i went inactive until the middle of 2015 and this is where my MTA career changed. I've joined SHC after coming back to the game and they've taught me the basics of Hunter and also let me gain my first cw experience.
The last clan I've been in was Legendary Seven, and although pretty much all of them were nice and cool people to be around with there also have been many problems in and outside of clanwars that occured.

Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?
I am looking for a new challenge. Would love to play clanwars with players i've been playing with years ago again. I have quite a few friends in here who i'd also like to be in a clan with again. After all I think Elite Players is the best clan for me because i believe we can grow together.


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