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+yzz Join Request


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1. Nickname / Location / Personal Info

My nickname is yzz , the olds may have seen it as yldzz too. My name is İlker, i am living in Turkey, i am 20 years old, i am so handsome 😄 and i am learning coding at university, it will be my second year in university.


2. Previus Clans







3. Your MTA Career

I sadly started this game in 2012, first times i was playing in freeroam servers, but as you can imagine i bored like months later. Then i started to looking for something new. I found a server called SKC, i played dd on there for a long time. But SKC also had a dm server and  i had a lot of friends playing there. When i finally bored from dd my friends convinced me to start dm theni wanted to give a chance to dm. And it was the best decision in my MTA career. I mean, i could be a dd player forever... IMAGINE. Well, SKC was not a perfect server but it was one of the best servers for beginners because it was an os server and the maps were playable for a players who is new in dm. So i played for a long time there and i learned mta physics / how to control a car / etc. But after a while i wanted to experience race too. And maybe it will be surprising for you but i liked it, so i played like 4-5 months that gamemode. But at the end i came back to dm. And after a while i started to looking for new servers. I played in Vultaic but it was vultaic's last times. Sadly i found it too late. But when i found tff, bro tff times were best times for me. Yes i was not that good but the community was so good. I am so sad cause we cant go bac that times 😞. And i joined & that times cause of my friend DOOM's invite. Well, my mta career went like this. One server closed and a new server opened. And i went from server to server like everyone. I joined some clans, and i improved myself a lot. And at the end i am here, writing a jr to ep.


4.Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?

First of all, i wasnt thinking about sending a jr to any clan, because i just left from xz like a week ago and i thought that joining an other clan or sending a jr to other clans in such a short time is a disrespectful for my old clan and clanmates. But i couldnt stop myself when i saw that jrs openedfor ep. So i am sure my old clan mates will understand me. 

Well, eP is a very strong, skilled and old clan so we all know how good this clan is. But this clan is special for me because when i was watching ep members playing in old times and i was thinking how well they are playing. So eP had been a dream for me those days. Thats why i am here and that s why i am trying my chance to be a part of this family. I like the members, i like the community, morever i like eP. And there s  chance to get the answer to the question,  is eP the best place for me?


5. Contact

Discord: +ilker#8716


6. Something to add

my smile is so cute, i can show you



Thanks knk

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