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Adidas' Join Request


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1. Nickname / Location / Personal info
Adidas, I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm 20 years old and people call me Nacho.

2. Previous Clans

-|RM|- Revolucion Mortal (2012-2012) Trial
~XuG// Xtrem United GameZ (2012-2012) Member
LxG// Latin Xtreme Gamers (2012-2013) Leader
Sup// Skills Up (2013) Leader - Closed
FfW// Fast for Win (2013-2014) Leader
[MT] Midnight Team (2015-2015) Promoted to FOTL M
FOTL Midnight (2015-2015) Member
|FBi|~ Female Body Inspectors (2015-2015) Member 
[TPI] The Panic Industry (2015-2016) Member
xN# Nitrous Racing (2016-2019) Leader and CW manager
-ffs- For Fuck Sake (2019-2020) Head of WFF Squad 
Syn. Synergy (2020-2021) Head of WFF Squad
R# Raven's Gaming (2021-2021) Trial

3. Your MTA career

Started playing DM on DDC servers in 2011, played from time to time as I had no idea what was going on. Left fairly quickly and started moving around latin communities for years, lead some of them (LxG, Sup, FFW) and even though they were really similar to each other I really enjoyed this time and made tons of connections that remain to this day and it melts my heart when I see some players from back then recognize me and say hello. In 2014 I came back to DDC and started my WFF career, joined a couple of teams and even won Relegation Tournament with TPI. Stayed in DDC until its closure in late 2015. Few months later I found xN server and even though I literally only knew 2 people from there (Tecla and Positiv) I decided to apply and I'm still so damn glad that I did as I consider xN to be my most enjoyable time in my whole MTA journey. Long story short, we quickly grew to be one of the best teams in both DM and WFF scenes, won several tourneys such as L7 2, L7 3, L7 OS 3 and were close to winning few others. Sadly, in 2019 many players got tired, some left and some just didn't bother to train anymore and we started throwing clanwars because of it, carried with this thought on my head for several months until I decided to finally quit in June 2019. Joined FFS few weeks after with hopes of building a strong WFF squad but it wasn't possible as nobody really cared for long enough for any noticeable changes to happen. Either way I really enjoyed my time in FFS as I felt comfortable with its members and really had fun in the server - but decided to leave with several other people after some leadership decisions we were strongly against and later created Syn with many of them. Stayed in Syn for around 7 months until I realized I wasn't having fun anymore and I was the only one who cared about WFF squad and decided to quit. Applied to Raven's as I noticed their WFF squad consisted of a bunch of very motivated people who want to get better and better, got accepted but the clan got closed 24 hours later :d

4. Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?

I've always liked eP as a clan, I was in fact really close of applying here numerous times but it just didn't happen. You guys have created really strong connections with each other (hence why I'm guessing members rarely leave) while also being able to compete at the highest level in both DM and WFF scenes and that is actually awesome. I find eP members to be very friendly people and I was always in very good terms with them except once when we had a misunderstanding but thankfully we grew out of it and we've been cool ever since.
I'm a really experienced player as I've been on the WFF scene for around 6 years and DM for 8. I was also a Manager and Leader in many teams so I can help you out in many stuff other than playing cws.

5. Contact

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