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Atomix's Join Request


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1. Nickname / Location / Personal info

My name is Marvin, I am 22 years old and my nick in MTA is Atomix.
Currently I am studying Informatics - besides that I used to enjoy playing a lot of badminton
(due to corona restrictions it's not possible right now) and of course spend a decent amount of time at my PC.

2. Previous Clans

(2009 - 2021)
FoX - Red Foxes » Closed
Emp - Elite Master Players » Closed
TS  - Twin Stars » Closed
UcS - Uncontrolled Skills » Closed
fts - Fuck the System » Left
ffs - For Fuck Sake » Left (complications + stay wasn't enjoyable)
WTF - What the Fuck  » Left (teams' inactivity)
TfF - The Favourite Few » Left (teams' inactivity)
fH  - From Hell  » Left (teams' inactivity)
7m  - Seventh Miracle » Left (can't remember why I left)
TC  - The Crew » Left (teams' inactivity)
Enc - Encore » Left (leadership gave up leading)
TfF - The Favourite Few » Left

3. Your MTA career

Basically I started playing MTA itself in the end of 2008. In the early days I was playing a lot with my cousins
together and we really enjoyed DD and DM. Personally I always had the mindset of playing DM and try to beat as
many toptimes as possible, which led to me playing mainly DM.
Since I like the idea to race against other people and pushing yourself to your limits, I was competing in some
WFF Tournaments in the past years and constantly tried improving myself. This even led to me just enjoy playing
maps on various training servers to hunt for good toptimes.
This mindset is what keeps me active to this day.

4. Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?

I really miss the time of being in a team that somewhat has a competitive mindset and enjoys spending time together.
This experience was lacking in my previous clans and I realized how important this is to me. This team has a lot of great
and friendly players I've already met in previous clans and I am really looking forward to spend a lot of time with
all of you in either just playing or hunting tops together.

5. Contact

Discord - Atomix#2757


Thanks for reading my Join Request.

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