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Hello there!

As we all know, the current reality we have to live in is very far from perfect, but even though it gets difficult at times, we still try our best to achieve all the goals we set for ourselves in the past, while also adding some new ones to keep our minds occupied. Therefore, we would like to share all of them in today's thread, allowing the community gathered around our clan to get some insight of our future plans. Let's get right into it without any further ado.


Elite Fight

It's been a while since we decided to organise our own series of clan-based tournaments. Unsurprisingly, keeping them running is a difficult task that requires a lot of effort and dedication of our members. Even though it's not always easy, we definitely don't regret starting the project, as it became absolutely crucial for our clan's activity, giving an opportunity to every single member to add their contribution in many different ways. With the response we recieve from the community so far, it is safe to assume that our tournaments are not only important for us, but also for our participants. It makes us insanely happy, as our main goal was to give every player a reason to keep playing the game, which we believe we succeed in. Our latest reincarnation of EF, the oldschool one, is a great example. With hard-working @Backflip behind the wheel, we are already halfway through the tournament. We have seen some interesting and intense matches already, but we believe that the best ones are still yet to come out, as the upcoming ones will be crucial when it comes to the final standings, so follow our EF OS subforum and make sure you don't miss them!

Since the oldschool edition of our tournament is slowly but surely coming to an end, we decided that it's a good moment to introduce it on a new ground. There is one specific gamemode that has been gaining more and more popularity recently, yet somehow it still didn't find its way into Elite Fight. The gamemode we are talking about is obviously Hard Deathmatch. The combination of interesting maps and a large amount of dedicated HDM players makes the gamemode insanely fun to both play and spectate, so we are very glad to announce that we are on the last straight when it comes to preparing a Hard Deathmatch-based edition of Elite Fight! We have been working hard on it for a while at this point to make sure that the tournament will be as succesful as its predecessors. We are actually very close to a full, official announcement of it, so stay tuned and make sure you don't miss it.


Roster changes

Moving on to something that is basically a tradition when it comes to our news threads at this point, we have to mention some recent updates of our squad.
Firstly, we've lost one of our DM Managers - @sYKu. He decided to step down as one of our's DM Squad coordinators, because he felt like he started to lack the time needed to manage it properly. Therefore, the DM part of our clan is currently fully in @Sunset's capable hands, who we are sure will be able to handle the hard situation flawlessly for now.

Secondly, we would like to present you our new members, but before we do so, we have to mention that we are very glad about the fact that we still recieve so many join requests, as it makes the trial-picking process so much easier, giving us many options when it comes to deciding who is going to fill our vacancies in the best way. As mentioned before, we like to push ourselves and come up with new, interesting projects, so adding some fresh blood into the mix of Elite Players is surely going to work wonders when it comes to our motivation in the long run. Without any further ado, please welcome:


Thank you for choosing eP boys, now it is time to prove that it was a good decision for both you and us. Enjoy your stay!

Keep in mind that our join requests are still going to remain opened for a bit more time, so feel free to post one if you would like to try your luck joining our clan aswell.


The last update that we have recently made to our roster is connected with our DD Squad, as we decided to reopen it once more, with @SheldoN being in charge of it this time around. Destruction Derby is a very unique gamemode with a completely different vibe to it compared to deathmatch oriented ones, so we decided to give our DD players a lot of freedom when it comes to the way in which they enjoy the game. Nonetheless, we are currently fully satisfied with both their results and attitude towards being a part of our clan and we hope that the things are going to stay like that for a long time. Feel free to visit our Discord server to check both the current roster of eP's DD squad, as well as their recent results.


Before we end today's news, there is one more insanely important thing that we have to mention. It's directly connected with one of our old, legendary members - @Gonzalez~. He is a dear fellow that has been a part of Elite Players for a long, long time, even before the current revision of the clan opened. As some of you might know, Gonzalez is facing some serious health-related problems at the moment, which is devastating, because he has always been a great guy willing to help everyone around him. Therefore, following his permission, we would like to use this topic to wish him a speedy recovery, hoping that he will be back to full health as soon as possible. Stay strong brother.


We believe that we have nothing more to mention today. We just hope that every terrible thing that is currently going on around us is going to affect you as delicately as possible and that the brighter times are just around the corner. Please take care and until next time.


Yours faithfully,

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