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bans. Join Request


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1. Nickname / Location / Personal info
Hello, my nickname is bans, my real name is Mateja, I am 18 years old, and I come from Serbia.

2. Previous Clans
[MT] Midnight Team (2017) - Member

|SD| Skilled Drifters (2018-2019) - Member

[INT] International Team (2020-2022) - Leader

3. Your MTA career
My MTA career started way back in 2011 when I heard about multiplayer GTA. I was so hyped about it and immidiately installed and started playing. For the first couple of months I was playing on roleplay servers together with my friends. It started to become quite boring after some time and I was searching for a new server to play on and I found DDC, and thats where basically everything started. I started playing DD, but not for too long, I had to take a long break because of school and came back in 2012 when my friend introduced me to DM gamemode. I liked it so much, couldn't stop playing it although I wasn't able to pass a single loop. Played that for some time and had to take another long break. After almost 4 years I came back and continued to play on the same server, same gamemode. I improved a bit and finally learned to control and rotate my car, and thats when I started playing Modern maps (before that I was playing Oldschool maps only). Time went by, I was getting better and better, I had finished maps for which I thought were hard for the first time, that gave me motivation to keep playing and improving, but unfortunately, my pc broke. I threw it away, and bought new one 2 years later and started nolifing again in 2020. Thats when I took this game more seriously, I was toptiming maps I could never toptime before, I was passing hard maps I could never pass before and thats when I realized I should find a place where I can showcase my skills. I joined INT and it was easily the best move I did in my MTA career. Played a lot clanwars there, gained experience, improved my skills drastically, all thanks to opportunity they gave me. Not long ago due to Leaders inactivity and some other internal problems, we decided to step out from events and just be a community clan. Competitive side of MTA brings me joy and keeps me alive in this game, thats why I decided to leave and move on.

4. Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?
In the past I always wanted to be a part of some big name clan. I was looking after eP for a very long time, I wanted to apply so bad but I didn't meet the requirements, couldn't play the game, couldn't speak English... eP always had great, skilled people, awesome atmosphere. By joining here, I can improve even more in many aspects, and also meet new people. Besides that, I could be helpful in clanwars, I consider myself as a decent WFF player, and I can play HDM and sometimes OS, and since this clan is surrounded by skilled players, I can maybe learn some other gamemode too. I am also good at graphic designing, managment stuff, and I am always full of ideas!

5. Contact
Discord: bans.#1900

6. Something to add(optional)

Thanks for reading ^^

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