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Anwix's Join Request


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1. Nickname / Location / Personal info: 
Hello everyone! My name is Peter, I am 21 years old and I am from Hungary. In game you all must know me as Anwix.

2. Previous Clans:
I have been in many clans, I am about to list the main ones:
- ffs - For Fuck's Sake
- XpR - Xtreme Pro Racers
- 7m - Seventh Miracle ❤️
- FoXX - Force Out Xtreme

3. Your MTA career
I have started playing MTA in 2013. For the first time I was playing Role Play then after a while I started to play DD. Few years later I started to play DM and I noticed that I am better on it. I am playing DM/WFF for more than 6 years already, I have reached all the trophies I could and I still think that DM/WFF is the best mode to play on.

4. Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?
I love the team at all. I have been in 7m before that was actually the same team as eP nowadays. I had a really nice time there and I would like to rejoin this team and enjoy the time we spend on playing together. I am not going to lie, but I think that after the break I had last year I returned into the game with much more motivation I had before. I would like to help the WFF team as much as I can and I still think that I could be a very good point in the team.

5. Contact:
- Discord (Anwix#5001)

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