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Flaky's Join Request


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1. Nickname / Location / Personal info: 

My name is Mutab and I’m 18 years old from Saudi Arabia. Aka Flaky in game. God blessed me with nice friends to play with Lost, Flavio, SKooD and some other friends, They give me motivation to play this game and love it day by day. And today I want to introduce myself to Elite Players. I'm very friendly person you can talk to me about anything that you like, Play games and mostly spend my time in hunter arenas.

2. Previous Clans: 

Most Valuable Players “#MvP” (left Due the inactivity of the clan)

3. Your MTA career: 

My first time in MTA was at 2013 when I joined some arabic servers then I moved to tff server and played there untill Vultaic made their server, My nickname was Hiroyuki back then. But now I'm using Flaky as a nickname and I'm currently playing at FoXX, Lumiverse. . . etc.

4. Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?:

Personally eP is the best option for me. Its a great clan and I'd like to be part of it, Being in that community makes me special, I would like to participate to a long living community that has a good player reputation. I can represent eP in the servers and the clanwars, I'm a decent WFF,HDM player, Also I'm not bad in hunter.

5. Contact:

Discord: Flaky?#2934

Skype: mt3bdo

6. Something to add(optional): -

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