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EF DM, Third Place Match


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EF DM Third Place Match


Tour Date Time Match Organizer Score MVP
10 11.12.2021, Saturday TBA Syn - X - 0-0 -



[DM] CooL ft. Cosa_Nostra - New Island (Syn)  
[DM] Chipy - Descendants Skills IV 
[DM] Moonlight ft. WodeN - Delta Heavy (Syn)  
[DM] Gteatero ft. Shine - Dark Inception V (X)
[DM] Str!k3r - Lovely Movement (Syn)     
[DM] Packy v10 - Tournament 
[DM] Drake ft. FakeDeath - Runaway (Syn)  
[DM] Armada v10 - The Dark Massacre  (X)
[DM] ThisGuy v4 - No JuJu  (Syn)     
[DM] BriaN v14 - Mustang 
[DM] Darmos v3 - Goodness Gracious     
[DM] CooN v1 - Serenity   
[DM] Rampage ft. RuSO ft. Goku - Overedge   


Please make sure you join our Discord Server where we will also be announcing your matches and allow easier communication.



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