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WaRRiO's Join Request


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1.      Nickname / Location / Personal info


Hello there, my name is Arturo, WaRRiO in-game, I’m 24 years old and I’m from México, actually I’ve finished my degree in mechanical engineering and I’m unemployed.


2. Previous Clans


TRD – Closed (2014)

TfF – Left (2015)

Saints – Closed (2015)

XpR – Retired (2016-2019)

i2k – Closed (2020)

TR – Left (2021)


3.      Your MTA career

I started playing DM around 2012 -2013, Mainly I’ve been playing on latín servers because English was always an impediment for me. It wasn’t until I met new servers that I started to learn English by myself, typing random words with the verb will because It looks pro. Slowly I was improving my writing and tried with my fisrt international team.  Later I started a part-time job during my university and this is how I stopped MTA around 3 years.

I returned when Covid joined into our lives and started a new type of game for me called wff, I remember that I found a video on Youtube called “how to become WFF player”, In the first instance I didn’t even understand what video just shows but I was like I want to try myself. Not until now I can understand those tricks and implementing the “No risk, no fun” during my daily game. I’m not the best that is why I’m still learning.


4. Why do you think that Elite Players is the best place for you?

I have seen you how you supports your team on every situation, and in my opinion, this is the best plus that a team could have. You are a very positioned skill-friendly team and you seems a very place to stay and improve.

5. Contact

Doubts or questions through my discord WaRRiO#2483


6.   Something to add(optional)


Thanks for Reading, I hope this writing is understable, and hope we can engange a pretty relationship. 

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